Uraeus – 5* Holy/ Yellow - Feburary 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Levelling my Grimble and Uraeus too, for similar reasons. Bera beware.

They’re supposed to do that!

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Suggest those with bertila and uraeus to take minion bonus in ninja tower event. their minion passive is very benefical there.


They are offense only, as her special does nothing besides damage on attack (slashes from defending heroes are non-elemental and specials ignore elemental properties unless it’s elemental defense down).

I have them maxed and they prove efficient in yurple teams and in NT because they hit hard and that reversal is much better than Chameleon’s. But yeah, they are gimmicky and definitely not very versatile.

I just got him and i am so excited because i haven’t gotten a hotm that i was actually excited for for a long time now!!

I think he is going to be really fun to play with but i have two concerns (these are minor but I’m greedy and want him to be the best he possibly can be lolololol)

  • resistance to sand damage is lame because sand damage is rarely ever used in this game. Only like 4 heroes maybe have it and only 1 or 2 of them are actually ever used?

  • i wish his DoT would do like 50% damage for heroes without a minion just so it can always be useful. Just like another person commented, there are going to be many times where you are fully charged and the minion hero is not ready to bring out their minions or the minions hero is already dead. It kind of stinks that this part of his ability may never be used. Would love half damage or something for heroes without a minion

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I hope, they will use mine idea Heroes equipment - #8 by Cerevan_the_Omni

I hope so too, @Cerevan_the_Omni ! :heart:

I agree with you 100% on having to find the right synergy between heroes when using Skadi… I have been using the in alliance raid feature to help with finding new ways to set out a team of heroes who work well with eachother.

Whats everyone thoughts on emblem path? Guessing attack all the way

Balanced type. He is sturdy and powerful.


what is better? Summon this month to get Uraeus or wait for March?

this month is better uraeus is a good hero

wait for April

Yes she’s offense! I think she is one of the best counters to Odin! She starves him and makes him vulnerable against both yellow and dark.

I run a Blue yellow stack against Frigg, BK, Odin and she is my star player. Use Blue to weaken BK, while I farm yellow to feed Norns…hit BK with Norns, now my Blue is effective against Frigg and Odin weak against yellow!

…BTW when I forgot to swap my dark titan team out for the next holy titan I did over 80K damage with a very holy starting board (she is on my titan team for tile damage).

I am thinking about pairing her with Chameleon to see what happens…

Summon both is better.

Any thoughts on the Hero of the month Uraeus? I got him and I’m hoping he is worth what it will cost to level up. I already have so many five star heroes taking forever to assend. Can’t seem to get enough fine gloves or sturdy shields so I have a lot of 4* & 5* heroes stuck any thoughts on that?

This another thread that could help.

Damn… I have 1600 unused ranger emblems with no ranger 5*, while for sorcerer’s there’s Mitsuko, Vanda, Quintus and now Uraeus… I already stripped Sabina and GillRa and most likely will take away +7 from Quintus to take Vanda to +18, then start working on Uraeus… Mits is +19…

How is uraeus compared to joon/poseidon?

If you have a level 23 mana troop, another yellow hero that grants blind, or Joon doesn’t have a costume, Uraeus is probably easier to use.
I have a costumeless Joon and I also have a Thor, so I’m using Uraeus instead of Joon.
Uraeus is more sturdy than Joon and is less likely to die due to his minions’ summoning and innate abilities.


I am the exact opposite. Got lucky with summons yesterday, used 1400 Vahalla coins (still sitting on 3000 been saving them all) and pulled Gefjon and Uraeus. All ranger emblems currently on Buddy, Seshat and Lianna, Gefjon shows up. Conversely, Mitsuko and Sabina are at max and I am sitting on 780 sorcerer emblems.

Either way it’s a nice problem to have.