Uraeus – 5* Holy/ Yellow - Feburary 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Ive pulled him today. I think that between Roc, Vivica a duplicated SIF and Bai Yeong he will be the next one to be maxed.

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I got him today too, yay! My Bai Yeong is nearly finished but I’ve already started giving Uraeus the 1* feeders. My other yellow options are Vivica (no costume) who is managing OK at 3.70, and Guardian Owl. Nuff said.

I’m not sure about his rather rat-like face but his outfit is spectacular, particularly the staff. Someone said on the beta thread his name comes from an Egyptian snake icon, so I guess the name refers to the staff rather than the man!

I didn’t have him but is he better than the next month HOTM ?

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At the moment the next hotm is a little unpredictable.
3 alternative special skills, one powerful, 2 extremely weak. If you look at Danzaburo and all the hate he gets with 2 powerful specials and one :poop: I’m not convinced the march hotm will get much love.
With Uraeus you know what you get, some solid hero against minion deffs, which are plenty at the moment.


Yeah but getting HOTM is luck🙈

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I wonder how good he actually is against minions. The Special is somewhat weird in that regard, direct damage ignores minions so they only take DoT. Good if he manages to kill the target with his damage, but otherwise works against him:

  1. Seshat could potentially replicate before DoT
  2. QoH taunt won’t be deactivated immediatly
  3. Minions can still deal some (minor) damage

The benefit of the DoT is for all the OTHER minions in the game.

So if you go up against Bera or Freya (or most other minion makers), they spawn minions for the ENTIRE team. Ureaus’ skill allows him to maim the target but also, with the DoT, wipe out the minions on all the other allies over the next turn or two.


It is fair for my troops to be made fun of, they deserve it… but how much difference to attack does a 17 mana troop have from a 29 mana troop? Isn’t it like… 4% or so? I wouldn’t have thought that would make much impact in terms of killing off minions or not, particularly as overall my Skadi will have more attack than yours with so many more emblems…

Yes I think Skadi needs emblems to be good. But in this scenario:

  • 5 or more minions on the field
  • Skadi at high emlblem level
  • Running Skadi with C Kiril

I don’t believe there is any more powerful special by any hero in the game.


Boy am I glad they left the N out.


I must say Uraeus does really good damage.

fought Uraeus+19 and lvl 23 mana troop today. I assume this is full attack tree. The increases DoT is also quite good comparable to Yunan.

Bai Yeong is fully maxed and emblemed and has 940 defense.

here is the damage

He did the same amout of damage to Joon who has 800 defense when the 30% special defense elemental link was active.

definitively worth maxing. I think is comparable damage like lianna?


Happy to have my copy. the Yellow dilemma just became easier. Bai Yeong, Neith, Delilah, Ranvir and Leo. the U-man goes to the head of the list. If I had pulled Leo’s costume, it might have been a different decision, but Uraeus it is!

Now the question is who to replace on my main yellow team? I think I might replace cJoon with him against minion-heavy teams, but keep him on the B-squad otherwise.

Currently cViv, cJoon, Malosi, Onatel and Gazelle.

Uraeus sand damage over 3 turns is 315… However I got this hero of the month… In my hero roster it is showing as 129 sand damage over 3 turns… Did SG do a hero balancing

His special is at 1/8 on your card. That’s why it’s pretty weak… for the moment.

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Not only that, it actually scales with the attack stat… so even if he somehow gets lucky and max his special quick, it will still not reach the highest number until the card is maxed out.


Just got him and Mica right near each other. With Thor, Joon and Bai Yeong already leveled with emblems and no emblems for Uraeus I have a tough choice, but very glad I got him


So now having Uraeus at max and +11 emblems (and counting…) I am testing him in live game.

Perhaps a bit bad timing since with formations now around the raid game got ‘extremely unstable’ and the classic use I had for him (anti-Bera/Freya tanks) is a bit difficult to find, and very different challenges to deal with are present.

Have to say that it was very rare to be able to fire him against enemies who had minions on them. He either wasn’t ready or the minion maker was already killed or faster cards took care of most of the minions earlier. I still give him some credit for being there ‘just in case’ and his snipe is still a murder even if it isn’t as often as Joon’s. But that damage to minion-holders really is VERY situational, and wouldn’t recommend him solely as an antiminion specialist… if that’s what you are looking for, then he may disappoint. He’s more like Gefjon and less like Grimble. Which is fine by me, but may be point to consider for someone else.

And I loved how he shined on today’s class quests. Finally a sorcerer that does some damage. Used to be running Mitsuko/Morgan La Fay here and even with Marjana representing Rogues it felt like forever to beat the last bosses. Now it was rather a breeze.


No,look at my screenshot above. It simply scales with attack like every Hero who has DoT

I was lucky enough to get Uraeus today.
I am looking forward to pairing with C.Gormek.
After Uraeus attacks a hero who have minions and applies sand damage, immediately remove all minions with C.Gormek to deal direct sand damage to the entire hero.
It’s fun to get new hero and think about team composition.


I guess grimble is going past 3.70 now that I pulled Uraeus just now… good synergy. So happy to have pulled him, though the ninjas keep dodging me…