Ur titan score go down even u never miss to kill titan!

did all of u ever watching ur score titan ? and see when the score was going down even u kill the titan without miss !!! can admin explain to me about this?

Titan scores are decreasing / decaying over time. Check this thread out to read more about it: Titan score decreasing


In the alliance score it is noted that the titan score decreases over time :slightly_smiling_face:

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i think not…thats only count about u the number…but not show about time and how to kill ur titan to make ur titan point being go up always,i have a leader he can make titan score very high more than 115k…but we got a little bit for killing titan 14*…now only we got 200 point for kill every titan 14*

yes i know about that…but sometimes even u kill the titan…not go down a little bit…but go down very much…like u kill the titan but for decrease score is more bigger then the point u got from kill titan

Not sure what you are trying to say? The titan score decreases over time… See @Magnifique’s ss.

Are you referring to titan HP? :woman_shrugging:

no…sorry my english not good enough…hehhee…i mean when u kill the titan i know every titan have a decrease point…but its suppoesd to be always go up even i got decrease…i kill titan 14* and never skip…but the titan score ever go down more much than normal…did u ever feel that?

Are you referring to your damage on titans? I’m sorry, I’m still not sure of the issue you are raising. My translation skills are terrible.

Yes, that’s normal. You only get a fixed amount of points for killing 14* titans, hence there is a cap/maximum in titan score and the decrease works against that cap, combined with the different spawn times of the titans.

i mean even u got decrease score titan…but if i never skip titan and always kill 14* titan,supposed to be go up the score titan right? how can is decrease point more bigger than the point i got when i kill the titan ?

yes…im already read and try to match about the time for titan in my alliance…thats why i can get high titan score…but when u kill the titan in a wrong time…u got score was go down very far even the titan die…i hope admin give 15* titan…hehhehee

No, it’s not. :slight_smile: The decay and 14* titans being the maximum hinders you from always increasing your titan score.

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Thank you… Succinct!

ow ok im understand…thanks a lot my friend ^^

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