Upset long time player

Well - let’s see I had a purchase that I didn’t make hit my account. I reported it and asked for a refund. I’ve been playing E&P for 4 yrs now. I e spent plenty and have never had this happen.

The good thing apple reversed my account with a refund. The in fair and in ethical thing is that E&P took $1000+ gems that I bought because I did.

Let’s see the excuse was that I didn’t purchase them. But you see the refund was for a Goblin Ballon. Of which no gems were awarded. Yet you can’t call or reach out to anyone in the game to correct. You can only type your issues. After four years this is ■■■■■■■■. I think that I may just have to follow my wife’s lead and play the game she does. It looks way better anyway. Pretty sad that they do this to us. But I guess they could care less. My next move will be a viral broadcast if I don’t get some answers from them. I’ll give it some time as I’ve been playing and purchasing for a long time. I’ve spent a lot of money for them to do this to me. But if that’s how they treat us. Then what’s the point. My wife needed a refund with her game. They provided the refund and gave her muck more for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything that anyone on this here COMMUNITY forum can do for you. We’re just players like yourself.

You will need to get in contact with the Support team via the in-game method:

Unfortunately, by applying for the refund from Apple, what SGG have done is subtract a “Gem Equivalent” value from your account for that which was refunded by Apple.


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