Upgrading with 55% chance of increasing special powers!

Not particularly happy that I had Gregorian with 55% chance of increasing, he initially level 1 & no change, lot of money spent , and nothing, OMG you charge like hell and don’t give back much.

When I get any 5* hero’s I level them with 1&2* hero’s of the same color only and nothing else. No trainers nothing but 1&2same color hero’s and by beginning of 3rd ascension or at the end of 3rd ascension they will have special 8/8. It takes a little longer but I’m always training 1 & 2* same color hero’s for it. Example pics below. Hope this helps good luck.

That’s not an absolute guarantee, but of quite a few 4 and 5* heroes, following the method described by @maliciousbuthot has left me with just one 5* who didn’t get to 8/8 before hitting 2/60 and the ascension wall. She only made it to 4/8 and her two gains by levelling rather than ascension were both in the last couple of levels before hitting the wall.
All my other 5* heroes maxed their special by that point, and the 4*s that didn’t reach max special by 2/50 were 7/8 when ready to ascend.

But good luck getting the same results with 3*. I think those guys hate me.:roll_eyes:

You’re seriously mad that his special skill didn’t level with a 55% chance? That’s a 1 in 2 roughly. Go flip a quarter and yell at it and get mad if it lands on tails and you wanted heads. FFS some of you are impossible.

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Before I learned how to level skill properly I had two upgrades with 92 and 94% chance that failed :sunglasses:

That’s frustrating, but it’s not a bug…

Slow and steady levelling normally works for me, although I’m not as systemic as @maliciousbuthot

And he’ll get levels every time he ascends, so that does half the work for you!

Well Kevin, as they usually level at between 25 & 40% you sir are not very polite. If I was a child I may have been quite upset with this response. You sir, need to think b4 you open your big, fat finger!

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:))) you’ve been at least funny