Upgrading stronghold


How do I upgrade my stronghold. I have reached my iron limit so have to upgrade to level 14. But when I try to use gems it takes me back to the start?


Upgrade your Iron Storages


If you have built all the storages you can, and have upgraded them, you are always going to be able to store enough iron to upgrade stronghold.


Have you upgraded/maxed ALL of your iron storages, and have you built every iron storage allowed to you?

Typically one has missed one of these two steps.


All my iron storages are at level 13. I can’t upgrade them until I upgrade my stronghold, but I can’t upgrade my stronghold because I haven’t got enough iron. And it won’t let me use my gems??


You dont have 4 iron storages on lvl 13. I just build them and it will take you over 900k of iron storage. Did you build fourth iron storage yet?


Are you sure you can’t build any more Iron Storages?

Have you converted one of your Iron Storages into a Barrack? If so you can try moving it to another building.

If none of this works, you should messsge the ingame support, because something is clearely wrong :slight_smile:


Ah Its the barracks. I’ll have to convert it back to storage. Thanks for your help :grin: