Upgrading my stronghold

I am stuck. I cant upgrade my strong hold because it says i dont have eniugh storage. My two storage buildings are at max until I upgrade my storage. I dont have the option to build another storage.
Can anyone offer suggestions?

At what stronghold level ?
Maybe there is free space that can build a new Iron Storage?
Or maybe you convert Iron Storage to other building (like barrack) by accident ? You can convert back. And use Forge to convert as Barrack.
Or if you are at SH22+, maybe you already open Advantadge Iron Storage? So you can continue to level the Advantage Iron Storage.

You need to convert one of your other buildings back to iron storage maybe?
If you are maxed, can’t you convert iron storage to Advance iron storage?

I already have 2 storage buildings at level 9 and I cant level them until my strong hold is leveled to 10. I cant build anymore storage, I dont the option my max storage is 286k. I cant upgrade my stronghold because it says I dont have enough storage.

I have to have 301k to upgrade my stronghold.

You must be able to build another iron storage somewhere.

@Ishy, can you share screenshots of your base? That could help us figure out where the issue is.

At stronghold level 9 you should have 4 iron storage buildings so you must have spots to build more. Check the bottom left of your base which is where the last two sections to unlock should be.

Okay your Stronghold (SH) is level 9. And you have 2x Iron Storage.
We can see the chart table…

SH Iron Storage can built
2 2
5 3
11 4
15 5

So, since SH 5, you can built 3x Iron Storage.
Can you screenshot your base, so that we can see the free space available to build Iron Storage there.

oh boy…I feel dumb. I guess I didnt realize this in sections. Thanks everyone. I started a new storage building!.



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