Upgrading and leveling

Be nice to upgrade “troops”. I have so many of one kind in multiple colors, why not be able to upgrade like we do our characters/fighters?

Besides using other characters/fighters to upgrade or level your current using fighters, what about using ingredients or other items as well?

One you get to stronghold 10 you cam convert a building to barracks to level troops


And to go with that, best to build a forge (craft items) to build over. Well…that’s my opinion :wink:


TO LEVEL UP TROOPS: You’ll need (1) a lvl 10+ stronghold, and (2) any lvl 5+ building (forge is fine). Click on the building and CONVERT it to Barracks. Once you have the barracks, you can upgrade your troops, much in the same way you upgrade heroes: by feeding the lower level troops to the ones you want to keep. NOTE: You can convert the barracks back into the previous building at any time, so long as you are not building something.


Do I need to convert back to building to upgrade building or when I convert it is it upgrading the building?

Troops cost sooooo much to level. I have hundreds of 1*'s that are pretty useless. Even if I put them together it doesn’t help.

I’ll get there one day. No rush, the game is fun.

There is strength in numbers is the way I look at it. Since you appear to be staying for the long haul, there would be times when you are going to be stockpiling resources (Food) for researches/upgrades, which are the bulk of what you spend them for. Once you get to a barracks level, start putting in your 1* troops into upgrading your better troops, maybe one or two at a time.

I was like you, having what I thought were tons of 1* troops that would never get used. But now, I am beginning to run out on some of the colors. Rome does not happen overnight, so the saying goes. Neither does the strength of your army.

What I would’ve liked to see the Barracks or even the training camps do is to allow Troops training, the same way heroes can be trained. Sure recruits may not want to be looked at like grunts, but hey heroes gets killed, troops don’t (at least in this game it is).


essentially that is what I try to do little by little. It is really the only way to do it without blowing all my resources. I will get there. Just wish the common ones were worth a bit more when leveling.

Not exactly sure what you are asking…

If you level the barracks, it will always stay that level even if you convert it on another building. The building under the barracks stays it’s same level from before you converted it.

When you convert a (minimum) lvl 5 building to a barracks it is replacing the original building. Once it is built it has its own lvls (it starts at 1). Thankfully it isn’t a permanent building. If you placed it on a farm, you can convert the building back from a barracks to farm. Then find a new building to convert to a barracks (I suggest a lvl 5 forge, we have too many).

I hope I answered your question somewhere in here.

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With the current setup, troops are not economically acquired and leveled from gem purchase/summons or $ purchases. They are most economically acquired by map/quest/challenge levels, and used level up higher leveled troops.

When it comes down to it, is how much you are looking to get out of this game.

  • If you are just doing this for map levels, raids, titan slaying, war you can probably do well just upping your 3* and 4* troops
  • If you are going to participate in the monthly challenge events where you are going to be limited in the hero levels and troop levels you can use, don’t forget to hold onto/upgrade some 3* heroes and 2* troops if you are going to be participating in the beginner’s tier.

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