Upgrading 1 building at a time - thoughts

Even though you can only upgrade one building at a time (which can be frustrating at some points, especially when there’s a TC or SH you’re just dying to upgrade).
When you look at this format objectively, it ultimately means the mass majority of people will all be playing a different game. Very few (excluding the hard working few, who may) have maxed out everything; making this type of game play quite exciting when looking at the bigger picture. We’re all used to playing catch up in life and even in games, it seems that it’s no different. But, being limited to just one building at a time creates a vast amount of variables to how you are able to play. Making this game, not one only of luck, but of choice and strategy and relatively equal.

Morning rambling thoughts - Bigger game play vs. personal game.

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To my mind, it all depends on your own priorities.

I am constantly leveling heroes, so I have 8 mills which I always upgrade immediately to the level of my … uhm … fortress (sorry, non native speaker of English, I play in German and am not familiar with the English terms in the game) .
Currently pulling them up to level 16.

Watchtower is only level 6. So I am not a tasty morsel in pvp. :wink:

4 mines at level 8 to 10. Iron always overruns anyway, due to the long building times, unless I spend it in the forge.

Lots of iron storage. Some food storage (my heroes eat it all anyway), some houses.

3 training camps, always busy.

2 forges. So that I can level one while using the other to make things.

And once I notice that it would be nice to have building x higher, then I level it up.

To my my mind, it is all a matter of personal priority.

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It may seems that way, but in the end (expecially at the beginning) the choices are quite restricted, and when you gain more experience and possibilities to gain your own style and choose one building instead of another, the window for the “important stuff” is quite strict, then all soon enough upgrade the same things before and spend the rest of the time upgrading what’s left.
Even more, upgrading road it’s strictly influenced by your style and the money that you have spent.

Just a little example: a great spender surely don’t need to rush his TC at 20, or simply don’t need to have a TC 20 at all and can focus right on the beginning to have just great resources.

So, in my mind, the sequence which you upgrade your buildings has relative importance.
What’s really important (expecially if you are a F2P) is that you don’t have to waste any single moment and start a new upgrade right after the previous one has finished.
That’s why i calculate everytime when a timer expire and avoid to get a building finish at night.

In the end, a reflection of the possibility to upgraid two buildings at the same time (that has stated as a new feature soon after alliance wars take place).

I’m not “strictly” against it, but as a player that have pretty much build all his castle with 1 building at a time and don’t have nothing really important left (not to say major players that has already quite finish everything), we need other important stuff to build to balance this fast “catching up” of newer players.

As this may be the “Alchemy lab”, or “Token farm” or even “HotM TC” it’s not to me to decide, but we need some other important building.


Maybe of interest to you:


lol, with my luck the second builder will arrive right around the time i finish building all the important stuff.


Same here. Already working on Forge19 now, so afterwards will just start to max each farm, house, and storage unit.

Sorry to off topic, but what level is required for food storage to research TC20? I’m thinking to start update food storage alongside iron storage too so that i don’t need to play catch up when the time come.

You need all food storage at 12, but for one at 11. But get SH20 first, as it opens a new area and four new buildings.

I have more heroes than I can feed right now, so I’m pushing my forge up to make time stops and tornadoes first, then I’ll get a TC up to 20.

Thanks. That seems pretty low? I already have level 7-8 food storage. Just don’t want to overdoing it.

12/12/12/11 is all you need (you get a fourth food store at SH 20].

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You need to add building remover options so if a newbie like me build some thing may cost him bad gaming in his game future he could use of it and remove that building to build the best standing on the advised of the experts of the game, on forum or in his alliance.
Right now I’ve built
6 lc 7 farms
3 lv 5/5/7 mines
4 iron storages 6/6/5/5
2 food storages 6/3
2 train cambs 3/8
2 forgs 4/3
2 houses 6/7
And the SH is almost 9 but I dont know if I am good or in bad positions, and I need your help.
I have still 1 empty slot free and rest of foged map.
Would you help me as expert players.
please no short cuts I don’t and wont understand you if you said ST and so on :joy:

Everyone gets the same buildings. You can’t mess it up

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What Talisax said. The building options are an illusion, everybody ends up with exactly the same buildings in the end. It would be nice to have an option to cancel building though! Not that big of a deal, but I’ve had a couple times where I’ve said darn, wish I had that building available right now.


So what should I upgrad first ! I can’t handle any thing or win good strikes in the watch tower duels best were 4 and I lost about 50k food to search people like me … some one told me that in some point farms become some thing else makes heros stronger !
Help me guys !! I am noob :cry:

I would ignore the watch tower for the most part for right now. I personally feel the quickest path to growth in this game is first to get training centers to TC13 (for which you will need to build up your stronghold, and to do that there are resource requirements)… so your path is pretty much laid out in front of you. as you level up TC, it will tell you you need SH. To level SH, it will tell you what you need. Then get a couple of TC13s (maybe pick up some 4* heroes from them, very low chance though) and start working toward TC20 which will start generating you 4 and 5 star heroes. (About 20% chance of 4* and 5% chance of 5* from a TC20). That will be your main source of high level heroes. The peripheral items like food will be come evident as to when you need more food.


Thank you a lot for your help :heart_eyes: :+1: :heart:
You are such a good friend God bless you :clap:

Also I would ignore raiding as far as whether you lose when people attack you. Just raid to fill up your chest to get those ascension items. It’s not important what your cup ranking is, you don’t benefit from it. Eventually raiding will become another source of food but you’re a LONG way away from that. IMO it’s actually better to keep your cup level low as it’s easier to win battles, and thus fill your chest to get those items. So for example I keep a pretty weak defense team so that I stick to the cup level I find provides me with the most food when I raid.


Great advices thanks :heart_eyes:

One more thing: Some people upgrade Stronghold and then upgrade everything else to the same level. NEVER do the same unless you believe, that you will play at least a year. For example mines at lvl 11 are sufficient to build Stronghold to lvl 20. It’s also smarter to upgrade Stronghold few levels and build another farm, than upgrading farms you already have. Getting TC20 up and running can easily take 5 months even if you don’t build total nonsense. Good luck


More generally ask, what am I running short of? An active player using most of their world flags will be getting plenty of iron from farming but be running low on food to process recruits, so it may make sense to keep farms about level with stronghold. There’s an argument for only moving the stronghold up in spurts to expand building areas.the biggest value to me of SH20was getting the fourth TC.


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