Upgrading 1 building at a time - thoughts

I would ignore the watch tower for the most part for right now. I personally feel the quickest path to growth in this game is first to get training centers to TC13 (for which you will need to build up your stronghold, and to do that there are resource requirements)… so your path is pretty much laid out in front of you. as you level up TC, it will tell you you need SH. To level SH, it will tell you what you need. Then get a couple of TC13s (maybe pick up some 4* heroes from them, very low chance though) and start working toward TC20 which will start generating you 4 and 5 star heroes. (About 20% chance of 4* and 5% chance of 5* from a TC20). That will be your main source of high level heroes. The peripheral items like food will be come evident as to when you need more food.


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Also I would ignore raiding as far as whether you lose when people attack you. Just raid to fill up your chest to get those ascension items. It’s not important what your cup ranking is, you don’t benefit from it. Eventually raiding will become another source of food but you’re a LONG way away from that. IMO it’s actually better to keep your cup level low as it’s easier to win battles, and thus fill your chest to get those items. So for example I keep a pretty weak defense team so that I stick to the cup level I find provides me with the most food when I raid.


Great advices thanks :heart_eyes:

One more thing: Some people upgrade Stronghold and then upgrade everything else to the same level. NEVER do the same unless you believe, that you will play at least a year. For example mines at lvl 11 are sufficient to build Stronghold to lvl 20. It’s also smarter to upgrade Stronghold few levels and build another farm, than upgrading farms you already have. Getting TC20 up and running can easily take 5 months even if you don’t build total nonsense. Good luck


More generally ask, what am I running short of? An active player using most of their world flags will be getting plenty of iron from farming but be running low on food to process recruits, so it may make sense to keep farms about level with stronghold. There’s an argument for only moving the stronghold up in spurts to expand building areas.the biggest value to me of SH20was getting the fourth TC.


They need to speed this up or at least give another word on how long it may take to implement. Iron is so meaningless in this game with only one builder.

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The last word was here:

Shortlist :wink:


Yeah, but I was excited to see that two months ago but just want to hear if they’ve made any progress. My keep has been upgraded like 6 times since then and soon to be level 16. Yet my forges are level 8, 7, 7 and 7 and I’ve never been close to needing Iron since after building level 6 keep or so. Maybe I would use the forge more if maps actually dropped more Iron Ores or if they changed around the recipes so not everything needed it. Removing it from Bear Banners would be a nice improvement if drop rate isn’t changed.

I hear you! I’m also eagerly waiting for two builders (and a few other items on the Shortlist!) You might want to eyeball it, then add any additional ideas to the comments below.

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I agree, both me and my partner play.
I started playing long before him, but he seems to have far better luck than I do. Both of us have not spent more than £5 on the game in over a year and that is only on crystals in special offer chests.

I like you time all my building upgrades (as well as I can) so none will finish whilst I’m asleep or at work, cutting down on time elapsed. But it surprised me, looking at his home how different his game play was to mine. I have pushed hard to get my SH to level 20, so I can get my TC’s to level 20. But on regards to what we have levelled up regarding mills, forges, Tower etc. It is interesting to see the pros and cons of different building levelling and how it effects game play.
E.g. The forge is sometimes forgotten about. But upgrading your forge can help funnel meat and iron productively. For the times both your stores are full and you have farms and mines with available resources and nowhere for them to go. A higher upgraded forge can be used to make many handy items and also means that raid and chest loot will not just dissappear if there is no space in your stores.

Yes, I agree with you that other nuances to the game would definitely be a welcome reprieve. As I have found it surprising at just how quickly my partner has caught up and except for building levelling has surpassed my hero team. Obviously, I like so many others started gaining 4* heroes before the challenge events started, and like many others sadly fed all upgraded 3* into my new 4* team. Meaning I am now playing catch up with new players for challenge events.

If they were to bring in double upgrading, however nice this would be… I would be concerned about the shift in balance this would bring to newer players. Not that I’m against the idea; but it would mean quicker, game progression - great for new players, as they feel they are getting somewhere quickly.

But for the many of us who have slogged, and put in many, many hours to upgrade our buildings 1 at a time, (and yes this can make game play a little tedious) but, for those of us who stuck it out and only have a few left is there, like you said other buildings in the works? I have been waiting a while, like others for season 2 on the world map, even to be announced. I would worry that increasing the speed of game play would mean, not only would everyone catch up very quickly and easily, but there would be long periods where you were waiting for the next Dev upgrade or new game items - as everything would be completely upgraded making the game feel stilted, slow and drag leading to repetition and boredom.

If I remember correctly only the research costs meat, someone please correct me if I’ve got this muddled up.
But you should be able to do this if you’ve reasonably kept up your meat storage for hero upgrading. However I do remember that the research for TC 20 is 7days.

No matter how long it takes to fix it’s just a serious flaw with the game to only allow one upgrade at a time. Since the game was designed with two builders in mind they just need to finish that feature.

If we feel threatened by new players and that they should always be at a serious disadvantage that may in the long run lead to a dead game because catching up is just too hard to do. New players won’t have the same level heroes or the same bench of heroes. Not all new players will play optimally either and it will still take 3-4 months either way to get to a place where you can have a few substitute heroes and not just play the same 5-6 heroes in every mode.


Don’t get me wrong… I don’t believe in keeping new players down; and it’s not so much a feeling of being threatened by new players. Obviously new players are needed for any game to keep it going. However there are many of us who have played for a very long time, who have played with the single only upgrade feature.
My main concern would be that if not enough extra features I.e. Buildings, maybe an alchemy lab, were brought in then all the regular, long time players would have nothing else to do - which could easily cause stagnation and boredom.

In the beginning, Android players had access to two builders (one was for coin, I believe). However when the game was opened to IOS, they couldn’t get this second builder to work for them. In the interest of fairness, the second builder was removed from both groups.

I’m very pleased there is an attempt to bring it back now. :slight_smile:

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Quick thought here… I was wondering if we could have a fresh start with the alkiance energy after we defeat tye titan, it is very very hard to start a new titan with on 1 alliance energy , that would also help the alliance alot in defeating the titan. Thanks

Everyone is allotted the same energy (3 flags per 12 hours).

One thing we do to make sure we start a Titan fresh, is take stock of its hitpoints at the halfway point (11 hrs). If the hitpoints are MORE than half, we call that a rest Titan and conserve our flags for the next one. (If we can’t kill it halfway by 11 hours, we will certainly struggle to complete it—and be out of flags by the next one).



Amen! We do the same

The game has released the second builder in the game, with 900 gems for $4.99 USD.

I will therefore close this thread. Happy playing! :blush:


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