[UPGRADED - V35] Path Of Valor Harvesters Useless / Extend the duration or impact of Harvesters MASTER

We can use them not during AR, I still keep until AR is finished.

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For me - all harvester for season 1 is absolutely useless.
1.Because never ever throw WE for season 1 because of AR. 2. Without flasks there is 144 daily energy which 50 runs if for 3 energy per level. And just 100k of additional food if you use all flags only on season 1 without quests.
Efficiency? Zero. Just better to wait for AR and flasks there on autobattle.


I really cannot understand your action.
When I created a bug description, it has been moved (OK, suggested to be bewly created) at “ideas and suggestions”.
When I created a SUGGESTION you moved it into a totally different area.
Do ideas and wishes not belong to the “ideas and wishes”?
This topic does not (!) belong to the “useless” topic, it is totally different, isn’t it?
Why do you move discussions? Could you not wait a week or two, before doing this? Does it consumes extra energy or twice more RAM if you (and others) LEAVE FIRST everything at the place THE OWNER inserted and LATER (maybe when the discussion stops) do the move?
My topic “extend the duration…” IS an “idea and suggestion” and not something else.
Don’t you agree, please?

More is always more…farm 3WE stages you’ll rack up those harm and everything pretty fast.


At this level, you are, the PoV lvl 10 “gift” is more useless as for anybody else.
I mean, THIS was my originally topic, you just underlined it, I think. Which means I see, you are right. The basic question but was not how much food/iron YOU get for 1000 gems.

Übrigens kriegst du (zu 1000 gems) umgerechnet etwa fünfmal mehr food/iron Sekundenschnell, gegenüber mühsame farming 24 Stunden lang mit diesem sinnlosen “Preis”.

You had two threads that were both about Iron and Food Harvester Relic suggestions, which were merged together.

Yes, and as you’ll see, it’s in this thread in #ideas-feature-requests — which is the right place for a suggested change to the game.

I’m not sure what topic you’re referring to. You created this thread yourself, so I presume you don’t think it’s useless.

Were you talking about a different thread?

The moderators endeavor to stay on top of thread organization every day — and many Forum members routinely flag posts for merging as well (as was the case with the thread you’re asking about; it was flagged by a Forum member as a duplicate).

It would be very messy to clean up threads weeks later, so we try to handle those merges promptly, typically multiple times each day.

Threads in #ideas-feature-requests and #bugs-issues are particularly commonly merged, as repeated ideas and bug reports are common, but any duplicate thread on the Forum is subject to merger.

The Forum Rules actually specify that duplicate threads will be deleted:

But the moderators typically try to merge them instead, as a courtesy.

On a related note, I’m quite relaxed about answering questions about moderator decisions, but it’s technically against Forum Rules to discuss or debate moderation decisions:

Just a heads up, as posts asking about moderator actions are typically not replied to, or sometimes removed.

A better way to ask questions about such things is to flag your own post using the “Something Else” option, which will send a private message to the moderators and Small Giant Staff, so someone can reply to you directly.

But this was certainly fine here this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, but with my storage amounts I cannot get iron or food in reasonable amounts, when the price is low, my storages are almost full and I don’t need to buy ham or iron, when the storage is almost empty, it’s much too expensive…

REALLY unnessecary was the food harvester and the changed schedule of Atlantis Rises, I’m still p*** off :frowning:

And 20 crypt mushrooms at premium milestone 23… Just what I needed :roll_eyes:


Testing the food harvester right now and the amounts of ham are ridiculously small and therefore pointless. Even S2 1-1 normal throws more food than stages of the last province of S1 with active harvester.

I’d recommend disabling it for AR, but opening it for all seasons to give those items some sense.

Best would be to double up the farm and tower output for 24 hours.


I’m a newcomer, started to play few weeks ago. I’m a scoolboy too. PoV started in time and I got these food/iron harvester already, yesterday the loot harvester.
With a very limited playtime/day and WE I could use them maybe less then twenty time (each) in one day which is nothing.
I can share the opinion, these harvesters are useless and not worth to be handled as PoV gift.

Hmm the problem I am having with the food harvester is, I use loot tickets on 23/11 and it fills my recruits and heroes so I end up using more ham to keep up with the recruits and heroes or just waste them… Yikes it’s maddening… Lol!!

The recruit and omni harvesters are sufficiently high up the POV that only advanced players are going to be able to get them. Those are the exact people who will be farming during Atlantis Rising, where the loot per flag is much better than Season 1 + harvester.

I got the omni harvester at level 49 on POV, and it’s essentially useless for me. What, I’m going to get 50% more farming 8/7 for a day? Whoopee!

To the extent they have value, it is only for beginning players, and so they should be much further down on the POV, and on the free path.

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Well, you could do what I did just this week. I was short food and iron for embleming a hero. Since it’s not Atlantis, I didn’t want to wait for Atlantis, I was out of raid flags and didn’t want to use a carefully hoarded raid flask… I farmed S1 levels for food and iron. I had the WE flags so I used them. While I was auto- farming, I activated my food harvester (that’s what I was shortest on) and doubled my food.

While it’s not the end to world hunger, it gave me more food than I would have received by normal auto-farming during non-Atlantis times. I think that’s the thing people are forgetting. These relics aren’t something to use during Atlantis Rises. These are something that can be used (if wanted/needed) during the other times when you’re sitting at work auto-farming 8.7.

(Disclaimer - If my boss is on here, that was just a joke. Really. It was. I swear. )


By best suggestion regarding the harvesters is to simply allow them for use in season 2 and 3 as well.
Then they will not be as useless.

Its pretty nice that we get anything SG but the reality is, the harvesters are pretty weak compared to the other rewards especially since you dont have to grind to get an extra 40k food

did you actually do the math and figure out how much more you received???

Yes. I was auto-farming already when I remembered I had the food harvester so I checked how much food I got without it. I wanted to make sure it actually gave more. Once I activated it and ran through the same level (8.7) I checked again. I got more food.

While I wouldn’t go farm S1 and use the harvester as my main way of getting food, if I’m already auto-farming there and need the food… why not?

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how much more? 10k or 100k? More is ambiguous

I don’t remember the exact amount of food you get from 8.7 but it was double. That’s what the food harvester gives you and that’s what I got.

actually, it gives you 50% more so if you ran it for 24 hours straight, without flasking which would be a waste considering what you can get from AR, and end up with about 38K which is 12k less than the free level 6 reward. At level 12, you should have received a 100k of iron so this is the reason people are not happy with them especially those who paid for premium to have something that is lesser then the previous levels. Personlly, I feel this is like when they gave us a board, bone and strap as a free gift during the xmas holidays and its pretty much useless

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