[UPGRADED - V35] Path Of Valor Harvesters Useless / Extend the duration or impact of Harvesters MASTER

Now I won two small PoV gifts helping to farm more food (50%) and iron (50%).
Sorry, I find this totally useless, as you can use them only at Season One.
The hardest level at S1 gives you sg. above 4000 hams, with 50% it comes up to 6000. To fight the enemy and the monsters, with a good army costs appr. 2 minutes…
Sorry guys, the medium S2 stations in normal drop you much faster more hams than 6000 and in the hard game above 10000.
I did not check it 100% the values are but appr. OK.
More, if you have loot tickets yo’ll never drop them for no S1 fights as the last S2 station before the end gives you more than 15000 hams…
Therefore I think, this “advanced farming” gift for S1 only is useless.
What is your opinion about?

uh, do the ham/flag calculation, S2 is not the best place for farming much of anything outside of Atlantis rises (unless you do all your farming using loot tickets).

I think they’re actually quit good. I may never use them, but here’s my reasonings:

  • They take up 0 space in your inventory so no issue there.
  • For our newer players that haven’t touched S2, this is a great way to get ahead when iron or ham or short.
  • I often raid for iron or ham when I’m short on one. This gives me another way to snag the resource I need.
  • I normally farm 8-7 for recruits and such (Note: I’ve finished S2 so can play any level.). Nice to auto-play while I’m (supposed to be) working :laughing: If I’m short on food or iron, farming will do double duty.
  • It’s free. Enjoy.

Food relic is useless it should give 200%-500% more food. If it did then people might use gems or flasks to farm food which could mean more money for SG


I agree it’s not particularly helpful. It’s a minor increase to what was already a minor amount of food/iron.

However, since I’d already be farming S1 levels outside of Atlantis Rises, it’s better than nothing.


Based on Berry statistic, best food iron is…

Cleric Best Farm
Food Harvester S1:17-1
Iron Harvester S1:17-1
Item Harvester S1:8-7
Recruit Harvester S1:8-7
Omnia Harvester S1:17-1

I farm mostly 8-7 and don’t mind getting more food and iron there :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, they aren’t good.
Space is never a problem.
Do not tell, newcomer ever reach PoV lvl10. When they reach it, they either have money or they are not beginner anymore. I’d agree, having this after PoV level 1 or 2…
Any lover S2 level in hard gives faster and easier more food. End of the story.
Yes, it is free — and useless for 90% of the gamer, IMHO.

(*** wrong PoV lvl 6 I corrected afterwards to lvl 10)

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Granted a newcomer might not be able to do all the challenges but they can certainly hunt ducks, summon, etc. They may not complete it, heck I probably won’t, but they don’t have to spend $$ to get to lvl 6.

Just quick math, guessing every daily stays at 125pts, its over 18k potential points doing nothing more than daily stuff.

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Could be a test for future buys image if you get one for S2 and use it during AR :heart_eyes::+1::beer::pineapple::hotdog:

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They may not be good for YOU, but several here have mentioned how they could be useful to OTHERS.

It’s easy to reach level 6. It can be done just by the daily summons, any silver tokens you acquire and doing some of the daily challenges. Honestly, if you haven’t reached level 6 by now (day 2 btw) then you’re doing something very wrong.

Here’s some easy ways that even a beginner can get to level 6:

  • silver tokens (we all know how freely these are distributed.
  • daily summons
  • Join the raid tournament (Challenge only says to fight in the tournament. You do not have to win.)
  • Be in an alliance, hit the Titan and help kill it.
  • For a slightly advanced beginner (level 12), join into war and use your flags (use feeders if you don’t have the ‘real’ heroes. The flags still count.)
  • Hunt the ducks.
  • Raid.

I don’t get the complaints coming from this new feature.

There’s a free path which granted isn’t amazing but if you don’t want to pay then fair enough your still getting something for just playing.

Paying for premium who really thinks that it’s a terrible deal seriously?? The gems costume tokens and Atlantis summons are worth more than the price charged alone so whats to moan about with a new way to store iron and ham and yet another way to get more ascension items that we constantly see people complaining for all the time.

Just enjoy the game everyone it’s not worth stressing over.


Not really going to hang around in this thread but just a couple observations:

1 - It is a new item
The uses of a new item, same as heroes, do not always readily become apparent to all players immediately. So just a general broad-brush statement that I take to most things to “give it time”

2 - Who actually uses map farming as a major source of iron/food
Once you complete the season 1 & season 2 maps, most of your free world energy is used to farm for items… at least the typical player does…
The Food and Iron is just a bonus really…

3 - Why do you need the harvester to apply to Season 2?
You already have a monthly farming fest called “Atlantis Rises” in which all the loot from Season 2 stages is increased by 50%. This is in effect a FREE version of the the Food Harvester, The Iron Harvester, The Recruit Harvester & the Omniharvester… So already have something for Season 2, these new harvesters are a way of applying the same effects to Season 1, where a large number of people do their farming OUTSIDE atlantis rises…

Anyways, just my thoughts…

They harvesters aren’t useless… they just aren’t game breaking… You have to remember they are a Low Level reward in the challenge. The lower level rewards are easier to obtain and, by that reasoning, are of a lower value compared to the higher level rewards.

Ultimately, if you don’t like it, don’t use it…


What is a difference if I just turn the words in your sentence?

“They may be good for YOU, but several here have mentioned how useless it is to OTHERS.”

A difference, I can accept your point of view and do not want push you to drop yours.
How many people are playing E&P? 3-5 millions? (Just check rankings.) What is the average time those millions have been already playing? 2-3 years?
Do you take a bet, 60-70% of the gamers are already finished Season Two, maybe 20% more have been already started it.
These people will find THIS gift useless, with me.

You even did not get my fully complaints just try to blame me…
Honestly I wrote my complaint AFTER getting this prize, in the meantime I’m close to PoV level 12. Btw. I reached player level 36 and have a good amount of trophies.
Honestly I’d rather not guessing about others if I were you.

This PoV gift would be OK at much lower PoV level OR better it should be applicable at Season Two too.
With these changes the prize would be OK for 99% of the player.
An easy task for E&P, isn’t it, @zephyr1?

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You are right with a remark. If E&P is talking about a path of VALOR gamer may expect good prizes.
Do you think taking a marathon competition you would be happy with a cheeseburger menu at the end? :blush:
I and I guess all other players are expecting GOOD prizes. This prize at PoV 6 is not a good one.

Of course, it does not hurt, everybody can live with it, etc. etc. I take but a high bet even you would be happy if you could use it for Season Two too, isn’t it?

Why then not telling this to E&P, please?

The first Beta version of Harvester Relics actually applied to Season 2 and other map Stages as well.

There was feedback in Beta after the change to only allow Season 1 that people preferred it to allow Season 2 as well.

The fact that they made it only work on Season 1 was clearly an intentional game design decision.

So I’m sure it would be easy to change, but I’m also skeptical that they will do so, since they intentionally restricted it to Season 1 after having had an unrestricted version.


I think they made the relics for season one because we already have a loot increase with AR. Valor will be going on through that and then it would have to factor percentages of regular loot vs AR increased loot

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Guys save your harvesters for future PoV daily quests. IIRC, there were a couple of borderline ridiculous harvesting quests in Beta. It was almost at the point where you needed to use a harvester or WE flasks to complete some daily quest if it spawned on the same day as Frostmarch + emblem quest for example.


Ok, I’ll try once again…

I actually didn’t say it was good for me. I said I would likely never use it, but if I did, I gave examples of how I COULD use it to make them useful. By doing so, I was giving an example of how these free gifts could be useful to others.

Likely not the majority. This game has only been around almost 3 years. I think the 3 year anniversary is actually coming up soon. People tend to get tired of a game and move on. If the game is good, it gets that many or more at the same time. We have no way of knowing, but I believe your calculations are faulty.

Regardless, this is a low-level reward and can definitely be useful to many mid to lower-level players like yourself if you give it a chance.

Perhaps you ought to apply the same request to your assumptions. Even my secondary account is more than level 36…

Show me where I blamed you for anything. I simply said I didn’t agree and gave examples of why. That is not blaming.

We have Atlantis Rises. As has been mentioned, that’s already a free version of this.

It seems like the devs are trying to fulfill a request by the forum community to make S1 levels mean something again. This increases received goods on S1 levels, which does make the levels more useful. I would think lower to mid-range players could find a use for them as they’re ascending heroes and leveling buildings. I know I ran out of resources quite often during that time.


Not everything in the game is for everyone. I have never used Miracle Scrolls, and am unlikely to apart from a challenge in POV. I just don’t value them in one of my battle items slot. But that doesn’t mean other people haven’t found them useful in certain battles, and I have no objection to their existence