Upgrade wu kong or musashi


I need some help with a decision.
I was lucky to get musashi 5*. To get him to his 3rd ascension i need 4 of those purple orbs.
But i also have wu kong 4* which require the same 4 orbs to get him to his max ascension.
Which one should i go for?

The rest of my deck are:
Kiril 4* (blue)
Peters 4* (green)
Gormek 4* (red)
Tiburtus 4* (purple)


Go with Musashi, 5* is always better than a 4*


I will respectfully disagree with Melo on this. Wu Kong is one of the keys to awesome damage against titans. He is not my most used hero (Ares), but he is one of my favorites to call on. I have a musashi and a vivica, both are great, but Wu fills more roles


I have a third opinion. I would say Kiril. He heals all and boosts attack and defense for all. We kong I agree is sweet, but the increase miss rate can be a real game changer. In my opinion, 5 isn’t always better than 4. What it comes down to is what other heroes you have and what your intent is for the replacement hero. Good luck.


You don’t need orbs for Kiril if the devs didn’t change that since yesterday, so your answer doesn’t make any sense.


At 70 there are plenty of 4*'s that are better at 5*'s.

A 5* at 80 is virtually always better than a 4* at 70, but it’s non-trivial getting those ascended without lots of cash spent on ascension packs and actually even then I’d argue that’s an exercise in frustration.


Wu Kong.
He is just too much useful and fun to not pick him.


Thanks for your replies. I’ll go with wu kong first. Also because it will take me a long time to get the materials to get musashi to 5*.
And wu kong has quite a nice skill :slight_smile:


Nothing more fun than watching a board go off when u have Ares and Wu buffs up with a double colour :slight_smile:

In fact, as silly as it sounds, I’m finding I can take down most high raid D teams using Wu, Ares another yellow and then another double colour (purples a fave)… everything cept red hits at double strength and that crit / wu pwr up…

Great fun :slight_smile:


Wu Kong is the only Hero that is in every one of my Titan teams. Musashi is very important, but for titan battles, getting Wu Kong well into his 4th ascension is crucial because he does not live long enough to do his thing well until he’s 4-35 or so.