Upgrade to a 5 star

I have 5 fully maxed Greymanes except the talents I was thinking it would be nice to turn the five maxed out 3 star Greymanes into 1 four star Greymanes

So you’re idea is to take fully maxed (I’m assuming with 20 emblems) characters and forge them into a higher star hero? I mean I like the theory, but a new building would have to be created. Would said hero get another buff/debuff once they went from a 3* to a 4* and so on? Or would you be taking 10 Jahangir’s to make 1 Colen?

Before the talent emblems were added I managed to get 5 Graymane heros maxed out to level 50 I even got the special skills maxed at 8 the hard way by having to use 4 Graymane heros at 25% each to guarantee 100% special skill level up.
Graymane is mana speed average deals 225% damage to a target and heals 50% of damage dealt so if we could pump all 5 Graymanes into one 4 star Graymane with mana speed fast 350% damage to a target and heal 75% of damage dealt and make the power at 643 at Max level 70 but if the talents are maxed out also then possibly go Max level 75 power 675, 375% damage to Target and heal 80% or if the talents are maxed at 20 on all 5 heros maybe allow converting into one 5 star Graymane

This could be one possible feature of the Hero Academy (new building probably released in autumn or winter).

I like the idea as especially F2P and low budget C2P invest a lot of time and energy to level up several 3* and 4* heroes more than once (usually not Greymane but rather Grimm, Boldtusk, Rigard etc). The possibility to upgrade them to a higher star level when the extremely slow trickle of new/useful 5* heroes leaves not much to do (apart from leveling even more Boldtusks, Grimms,…) would make the large amounts of duplicates advanced players have accumulated at least useful again.

I would love to have a 5* version of Kiril or BT :blush:

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That would be so cool to see and thank you for even the possibility of using my idea, makes my addiction to E&P even more so.

On behalf of my alliance I Shank (co-leader of the Tigersharks) thank you for a great game.

Ben bir tane 5 stars istiyorum.artik sıkıldım bu durumdan yeter.

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