Upgrade storage or generator first?

Generators first. The amount of food and iron you get is proportional to your generator level.

Your storage level has nothing to do with your resource generation level, it only decides your maximum storage capacity.

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Id put storages over mines and farms, I fill storages with missions and raids while builders are busy.
My SH20 to do list is:

  1. Houses
    (until hitting > 100 recruits, [7])

  2. Training Camps
    (all four lv20)

  3. Forge
    (only one lv20, [6])

  4. All storages

  5. All mines & farms

  6. remaining Forges

  7. remaining Houses

  8. Watchtower

  9. BONUS Barrack, levelling when reaching maximum troop level

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Research by @Revelate suggests otherwise. It appears that the awards from titans, wanted chests, and the like are related to the amount of storage. If that’s right, then it’s worthwhile to level these up eventually.

That said, I would prioritize farm upgrades first. If you’re on fairly often, the watchtower is a good generator (we’ll, it’s ALWAYS a good generator; the question is how much of its bounty will you get…).

I’m not convinced about taking Watchtower to nosebleed levels.

  1. My tower is at 18. Taking it to 19 will cost 1.433 million hams, but will only earn 210 * 2.05 = 430 hams/hour. That will take 3,333 hours to repay those ham—that’s 139 days…
  2. If I take all those hams. I’m getting raided a lot more than I did with tower at 13. If raiders take, say, ⅓ of those hams, then I need over 200 days to earn back the investment in hams.

How far to take your mines? Because you’ve built TC 20, then your mines are probably already high enough unless/until you start forging high-end items. Tornadoes, timestops, dragon attacks, etc. can burn a lot of iron. I have all mines at 20 and can always find useful things to do with the iron.

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I agree - farms, farms. Once you have tc19, you’ll easily run out of food leveling your heroes quickly. And mines, mines too. Once you decide you want to compete with items (Tornados or Timestops like mentiond) OR compete in monthly events (think axes bombs, etc), you’ll be very iron poor.

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Where is this research - I must have missed it. Thanks in advance.

Starting about here, then reading down:


Thank you very much!

Yes that was what i read and i was concerned because i neglected to upgrade my storages and focus on generator/producers.
Thank you for the advice. I think i am going to catch up upgrading my storage till 18 and then max out the farms and mines.

  • Farms to like 15 / Mines similar if you have second builder
  • Iron storages to 18 (SH 20)
  • Finish Farms to 20
  • Food Storages to 20.
  • Iron Storages to 20
  • Mines

If I had to do it all over again this is how I’d roll, plus watchtower to some reasonable level probably when I needed to dump ham if not rolling for copious heroes.

If you don’t have a second builder you can pretty much ignore mines once you get a raid team up and running.

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Where do you slot the barracks in? Just curious. I took them to 4 until I got the farms to 20, now building out barracks 6 and then I’m going to storages based on the info here since I really can’t afford to feed/take my troops past what barracks 6 offers.

I upgrade Barracks when I’ve hit max level on my primary troops.

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I’ve upgraded my Barracks at times when I’ve run short of a reasonable number of feeders over the course of playing the game and have painlessly gotten it to Lvl 9 well before the need to do so.

Now that is interesting stuff. I’m reading into that research that storage amount/level is a factor in deciding how much ore and ham you receive from chests. So basically chest rewards for ore and ham could most likely be formulated a lot like X % of total storage. Which actually looks really sensible.

Thanks for the intel, looks like I’m getting a builder to work on my food storages ASAP!

Since I started prioritising my food storage, ham loot from a good monster or titan chest has jumped on average from about 60k to 90k. Platinum raid chests are regularly topping 100k for me now.


This is pretty much what I do with a nod to my ham situation… if I’m running out of other things to spend ham on regardless of where my troops are I will upgrade a barracks because I use that as a primary ham dump in the early / mid game.

Late game you can do silliness like crafting a ridiculous number of mana potions, but earlier there’s hero leveling, mines/watchtower, and troops and I hate being maxed out on ham for whatever reason.

Did i miss something? To create heroes you also need recruits (thanks for correcting me Kerridoc) to get them. I now have 3 houses. My farm is leveling to 17. How many houses should i level to which level?

I’m hoping to get 4 tc’s and level them all to 20 (so i will level my mines too to be able to level those quickly)
I suppose i get another house at level 20? And then level all of them to 20 to be able to procuce enough heroes?

Nice thread btw :smiley:

To create heroes you need recruits (distinct from troops), and Houses are the storage for the recruits you collect from doing map levels and quests.

How much housing to build? The only game mechanics that inform this decision are: TC13 uses 70 recruits, TC20 uses 100. I always like to have a margin above these numbers (8 or so) so I don’t lose recruits as I’m farming the map. If you aren’t running TC13 or TC20, the only reason to have lots of housing is the convenience of not having to pause between rounds of map farming to distribute the recruits into your training camps. I have four houses at level 8 (118 recruits), which is plenty for any purpose I have.

Focus your primary building efforts towards getting SH20 built; keep your farms close to your SH level, but don’t overbuild your mines, and don’t build TC above 13 yet. Even two TC at 13 and one at 11 is really enough—you want one camp churning out basic feeder heroes, even if you’re using the other two to try for 4* heroes at TC13. Use the iron you save not building the TC too high yet to speed up your SH construction.

Looking down the road, it won’t make sense to have all four TC at level 20. At most you’ll be running three at 20; more likely only one or two. Getting 4* and 5* heroes is nice, but unless you have the feeders to level them up, they’re not helpful.


I fully agree, 4 TC20’s is overkill. I have 2, which leaves me the other 2 to churn out basic feeder heroes, and that feels optimal.

Like you did I also focussed all my iron on the stronghold first, and only once that was at lvl 20 I started raising a training camp beyond 13. I did find myself done with the TC20, but lacking sufficient food storage to research the legendary training. So that whole ‘beeline’ to TC20… well … I don’t know how you call a really, really slow bee? It was more like a bumblebeeline?


At my point, with all 4* but very limited 5* heroes, I find 2 TC20 is the highest I use, but an additional TC19 is great for generating feeders when I have a food surplus.


Having the possibility to build 2 items the same time, i think it will be possible to work on TC earlier. (And yes, i believe you have to have bigger mines to do more things the same time. Doing it in a row would take much longer than leveling and TC and Castle the same time.

So the only time you spill will be the time to level your first TC from 19 to 20.
Having completed castle you then can do at the same time the expansion of the next TC.

Please correct me if i make a strategic mistake :smiley: