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I’ve upgraded my fort to level 8. And the game is not giving me the optipn to add training camp, rec. house, farm storage, nor the iron mill. Please Help, I need these item.
The gane is trying to force me to pick the iron storage and farm mill only!!!
This is not good for new players.


The number and type of buildings is pre set, so you can really help but build what is suggested. Do not worry, you eill eventually have all the iron and hams you need


That’s right, another training camp is only available from level 11 of the fortress


Its the same for every player. Certainly it forces you to upgrade your buildings to move towards further levels and upgrades. Not certain why you feel this is holding you back in some manner?


Listen, I have leveled up twice. I’m not going to be able to move forward if I’m not equipped properly. This is not right nor far. I’ve started my own alliance and the only member for right now and getting beattened down by higher level players. NEED to be able to at least have better storage capacity to upgrade or level up.


It is a bug in the system!!! That is keeping people from adding what they need for their forte. I am not the only one having this problem. My friend is having the same problem and she is level 28. I have 4 empty slots because I do not need no more farm mills nor crafting buildings for right now I need a farm storage, a training camp, and a iron mill. Twice leveled up and no option to add.Nothing!!! Isn’t that the reason for leveling up; to make your forte stronger and prosperious. Thank you in advanced


Everyone gets the exact same building options at the exact same times. It’s not a smorgasbord of choices where you can chose any building you want when you want it - you have to work with the building choices the game offers, the same choices everyone else gets.
You can chose not to build if you have a space, but the game won’t offer different options just because you don’t care for the normal ones.
The only other actual choice besides not starting a building is which building you convert to a barracks at stronghold level 10.


Explain the options because Im confused. Beginning with the 1rst level up after the free.
Thank you for your rapid response.


Each time you unlock new areas to build the options of what buildings are available are the same that was offered to everyone.

You do not get to choose which buildings you want. We all had to build what the game told us to. You have to continue to upgrade them with iron/hams to continue upgrading the stronghold to unlock further buildings.

Eventually at Stronghold level 20 everyone has the same number of farms, mines, houses etc.


From Coppersky’s Compendium, the Go-To Guide for new players (link below):

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and
food storage.
At level 3 you can add: farm, mine, food storage, forge.
At level 5 you can add: house, farm, training camp, iron storage.
At level 8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine.
At level 11 you can add: farm, training camp, house, food storage.
At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge.
At level 20 you can add: house, training camp, farm, food storage.
** At level 10 you get access to the barracks. It is an advanced building that
you build over top of an existing lvl 5 building. Building over a forge is


Translation (Spanish): My castle is on level 19, I was going to build another training ground, but it was wrong to try it later. When trying later, the option is no longer active. What happened?


Translated from Spanish via Google:

My castle is on level 19, I was going to build another training ground, but it was wrong to try it later. When trying later, the option is no longer active. What happened

Questions about normal gameplay that I have seen cause this:

  1. Do you have a spare builder to make the new training camp?
  2. Do you have four training grounds already? That is the maximum number allowed.
  3. Have you already built four training grounds and turned one into a barracks? If so, convert it back and turn a forge into the barracks. You don’t lose any levels on the barracks if you change which building is converted. You need a builder free to convert as well.

If none of the above apply, I have seen a bug which won’t let a building be made on a particular type of empty space. You can try moving buildings until you get a different empty space graphic and try building the new training camp there.

Translated into Spanish by Google:
Las preguntas sobre el juego normal que he visto causan esto:

  1. ¿Tienes un constructor de repuesto para hacer el nuevo campo de entrenamiento?
  2. ¿Ya tienes cuatro campos de entrenamiento? Ese es el número máximo permitido.
  3. ¿Ya construyó cuatro campos de entrenamiento y convirtió uno en un cuartel? Si es así, conviértelo de nuevo y convierte una fragua en los cuarteles. No pierdes ningún nivel en los cuarteles si cambias qué edificio se convierte. Necesitas un constructor gratis para convertir también.

Si no se aplica nada de lo anterior, he visto un error que no permite hacer un edificio en un tipo particular de espacio vacío. Puedes intentar mover edificios hasta obtener un gráfico de espacio vacío diferente e intentar construir el nuevo campo de entrenamiento allí.


The fourth training camp becomes available at Stronghold level 20.

(Reminder that the official language of the Forum is English.) :slight_smile:


Doh. I was so busy trying to be clear for the best translation that I completely missed the obvious. Time for a facepalm. Thanks.


This is not true and you know it. I have people helping me that plays this game.
They are the one that got me playing. I understand that this is a complex and hard, and I enjoy playing. Please try to understand where I am coming from and what I am trying to ask.

My stronghold and watchtower is at 8 now. For the two times I’ve leveled up I wasn"t able to add the farm storage nor training camp. Now this last time I did get 1 oil mill. I already have 4 farm mills. Again I have 4 empty slots, 2 of each.

Please fix the problem I’m not the only one having this problem, I"ve been reading the sites checking into it. I wanted to see if it was just the way the game works. Maybe all the updates has thrown something off.


Paulon thank you so much some clarity finally!!!


Screenshot please. Show the empty space and what happens when you click on it to build. :slight_smile:


Right after the update, the shop was messed up the payment changed from swe krona to Euro, what makes it more expensive, so I can’t use the offer until it will changed


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