Upgrade of Season 1 – Add Hard Mode

I’m just thinking how we could overbridge the time until s3 would be released. And thought to implement a hard mode to s1!

Nothing special, but the mechanics are available from s2. The difficulty and loot upgrades can be taken over as well.

Should be an easygoing for the programmer with less effort and time to bring in a new feature :slight_smile:

How about this?

Everything fine as long as they don’t ask 15 freaking world energy to play 1 level like in season 2.


cant agree more, having to play 3 levels on a full flags is really pain, I burned so many flasks to finish all the levels, i believe the formula for the flags should be (original flag * 1.5) is fair even if they round number up
it would be really nice to have something new to do other than playing same events each month for the upcoming year


I have an idea for S1.

Leaving it thecway it us for new players but we all know once it’s completed that only a few stages/levels are used for farming and the rest just sits totally idle and just becomes a waste of space.

Why doesn’t SG make it so that when s1 is completed and only then that it resets at (example) 15% stronger offering a bit better rewards and offering a new end of season final reward once ever stage/level is completed again without actually changinganything else within it.

They could create this to also be the same case as the 2nd s1 stage is completed having it increase by another 15% and so on. So would have something like s1, s1.1, s1.2 etc.

At least then s1 would grow in competitiveness as you grow in the game.

Just a thought!

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I agree updating a season once you complete it. Monsters a lil harder, same flag use or lesser, and bigger and better rewards with hard to find ascension items.

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I felt sure that this suggestion had already been made, but couldn’t find it when I searched. Have enjoyed the ‘Hard’ mode in season 2 and wondered if a ‘Hard’ mode could be implemented for season 1.



Hi @John79, welcome to the Forum!

You’re right, it has been suggested at least once before. I moved your post to this existing thread to help consolidate support for the idea. :slight_smile:


Should a hard mode be added, it would be an opportunity to somehow link the loot to the upcoming upgrades. Maybe keys/tokens to summon costumes (the upcoming upgrade for classic heroes) for completing a whole area on hard mode + a tiny chance to find one of the summon keys via farming. Maybe a lot more food/iron because Hunter’s Lodge and the construction of advanced buildings consume tons of food and iron.

As someone who enjoys map or quest battles, I would be really happy to have something new to complete until the release of S3 :smile:


I don’t think there’s a chance for anything new introduced to S1 maps as they’re working on S3.

Season 1 we want phase 2 only with ascension items

Can you please elaborate what exactly you mean by that?

A hard mode like S2 and S3 has? And why exactly should they give S1 a make over while S3 is running?

And who is “we”? On behalf of whom are you speaking?

of my alliance and having a phase 2 of season 1 would not hinder season 3. because the game is full of heroes

Well, someone has to code it, balance the difficulty and everything. I think there are so much more important things to work on for SG right now, like finally finishing the Hero Academy, fix the Alchemy Lab, add more costumes, and also that Tavern of Legends is still in beta and sounds much more interesting than a reboot of S1. Me and probably many other players would be pretty pissed if they reboot S1 before finally releasing the HA they announced more than a year ago.

Is rebooting S1 a thing??? Cause this is the first time I hear about it… interesting though.

It was just a request in this thread. I don’t think it is really going to happen…

Not much to say about this one. Up the loot on hard, it would make the relics from Path of Valor more desirable. Maybe throw in “epic hero token shards” that eventually make up one token or something as rewards for beating a province. Really just making this up as I type it, but seems legit.

Their other game Puzzle Combat has a hard mode already for their first and only season so far.

Not just stronger enemies, but also:

  • element restrictions (you’re not allowed to use the strong color for the majority of that province)
  • Increased loot
  • appearance of rare enemies (like seadragons) that drop badges
    • collecting 100 of those badges gives you, basically, another wanted chest with some decent loot

So yeah, I personally wouldn’t mind having a hard difficulty for Season 1 in E&P either. It doesn’t have to carry over exactly like in PC but would be nice to see some of the same concepts implemented.


Well, I have to edit my post with „overbridge until S4“ :sweat_smile:
As the clocks turn very slow at SGG :man_shrugging:t2:


I wouldn’t mind a hard mode on season 1. But what would the “special“ currency achieved? Not Atlantis tokens. Not Valhalla coins.
I guess it could just be gems?

Hell yes. I like it.

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