Upgrade =no raid

I made the upgrade yesterday, and now i can attack the player who attacked me. They’are off, no on, but it’s impossibile make raid

When you upgrade versions, you can’t raid against people still using the older game version.

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I have just removed the automatic update option on the game and in future will wait for the very last moment to upgrade…I keep getting hit with big trophy losses…next upgrate it will be my to benefit not to immediately update. Only way I can figure getting around this issue…perhaps that would assist you too. Alternative is to suggest E&P disenable raids during update periods which I don’t foresee them doing…

Your best bet is to do things in the following order:

  1. Complete all pending revenges you want to complete
  2. Upgrade
  3. Log back in (so the server registers that you have upgraded)
  4. Clear your watchtower of ham and iron
  5. Log back out

Since the system doesn’t know you’ve upgraded until you log in with the new version, this prevents people on the old version raiding you after your update but before you log back in.

Thank you so much…will definitely give that a try.

Kind regards

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