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So I finally got 1 pair of gloves and not sure which hero to upgrade, any advice would be appreciated

Rigard and Kiril are great, but you are early and have Boldtusk to feel the healer rule (who is also great). I see you have Hu Tau leveled. I think you need a faster hitter. I see Jeluke and Grimm. If those, I’d select Grimm. He not only hits hard, he offers a defense down.

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I’d suggest Kelile or Cyprian or Grimm, since you’ve got BT & C.Hawkmoon for healers and HT & Atomos for attack. Cyprian would get you the Riposte counter-attack, which is pretty great; Kelile is a good, fast sniper and Grimm is a good, average-speed, AoE attacker.

I’d also, alternatively, suggest working on getting your 3*'s fully ascended/leveled. Having two or three fully-ascended/leveled rainbow teams of 3*'s is usually suggested, then work on three or four rainbow teams of 4*'s. Don’t worry about getting 5*'s going until you’ve got a decent bench of 3*'s & 4*'s.

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Agreed. Attack up with bold. Defense dropped with Grimm… and you can emblem
Grimm to make him long term usable both in wars and titans.

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Thanks for that I think I will take your advice and go with Cyprian

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My vote for Grimm… You should balance utility, healers and damage dealers, especially in these early stages of game. Looks to me that you lack the last ones - and this is actually the group that needs this final ascension badly in order to reach their full potential (healers or utility heroes’ specials are as usually as effective on 3.60 as on 4.70)

In my honest opinion, it has to be Grimm
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Grimm will give you much longer-term use in the game than Cyprian. I still use him with my 5*'s.


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