UPGRADE issues


RES BUILDINGS…I inadvertently built a 4th iron storage. I dont need it. My 3 mains are lvl 14 as per SH which I want to upgrade to lvl 15. Game says I HAVE to upgrade 4th iron storgae! Why can’t I destroy this building and more importantly, why can’t I go ahead and upgrade my SH? It seems to me that I had sufficient storage capacity. ( 3 food/3 iron)


The buildings are same to all. In the end you have 4 mines, 4 training camps etc. You can’t accidentelly build anything. You only choose place for every building. Each level gives same buildings also to everyone. And you will need that 4th mine eventually. :wink:


Ugh…so another month to lvl up that 4th facility which is only at lvl 5 :frowning:


You’ll need it all eventually


Every one at lv20 SH will have exactly same amount of buildings.
And if you knew that SHfrom 19 to 20 will need you to have 1.9m iron you will start to adore your 4th iron storage.
How ever I’d love to have a 5th food storage building. Who ever wont love to have more ham in his storage in our boring maximum level.


Thanks everyone for you feedback. Yah, I know it’ll be must have later, but as usual, since the bigger your storage is the longer it takes to fill up. Wait wait wait;p


If you have spaces for buildings, open them. You can move them around. You do not have to build them up unless you want to.


believe it or not it comes a time when you can’t really spend all the ham you get


When lol.
If your feeding your x4 TCs you will cry for 2 things.
Recruits and ham bro !


i have 4 tc20 and i’m actually finishing my last buildings on the base, i would level my troops but i’m missing feeders as well, and i can’t get my tc19 going because i don’t have enough rugged clothes, so yeah it does happen lol


Wallah… this is tough to think about.
Sorry bro … but I have overloads of those … It will take a while to be in your place … now gimme your ham or make an alliance storage where Leaders and Co can storage food for their allies.


i went through 2.4k rugged clothes very quickly tc19 is awesome to level heroes, now i’m saving again doing tc2 and tc11


Show me the HAM!!! Lol!


I’m at that point…ham for forges ham for ascension and ham for cooking up heroes, but if you’re only lvl 21 like me…ham scham!


I am lv37 and I have pretty low ham now. I beg for million now … need to feed my troops :sob: