Upgrade Hunter's Lodge

There is no way to create/craft one-star Ascension materials.

I am in desperate need of both backpacks and strong rope.

I asked this humble boon from Small Giant; that they allow me to craft materials at my Hunter’s Lodge; that I be able to take the surplus iron and food that I have and put them together to craft either a backpack or create some strong rope.

Thank you.

@Rick_O-Shay, Isn’t this what Alchemy Lab is for? I use 3A (or 7) for backpacks. Strong rope would be another level.

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You are partially wrong, I’m afraid, because the alchemy lab generates totally random materials not the backpacks I need.

I am asking for a specific way to create backpacks and rope.

One idea is that I could probably convert crafting materials into Ascension materials.

I use Alchemy Lab 3a for backpacks. It produces 100% backpacks if you chose the other 3 items as ingredients.


Your are incorrect. @kwong79 and @Blord are correct. Alchemy Lab CAN transmute materials into adventurers kit and strong rope. As illustrated by @Blord, backpacks can be forced-transmuted in AL3A (or AL5) by placing the three undesired (or less desired) common ascension materials such as the Practice Sword, Rugged Clothes and Training Manual. As long as you put all said 3 distinct ascension materials in AL3A, it will only result into a different common ascension material, which would be the desired backpacks. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 swords-1 clothes-1 manual or 1 sword-2 clothes-1 manual or 1 sword-1 clothe-2 manuals. The result will always be the same: BACKPACKS. I did that since I have built the Alchemy Lab a long time ago until I graduated from needing backpacks anymore recently (since Atlantis Rising will always give you backpacks enough to queue your training camp for over a month), and moved on to higher AL functions providing a high yield of alkashards. For Strong Rope, the same can be done in AL6A (or AL11).

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I thank you dear folks for the enlightenment. Seriously, thanks.

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the solution is simple: go farming


Just transmute only the clothes and books, do not touch the swords or packs when transmuting.

Yeah when I need backpacks I’ll use AL and it makes 8 a day. It’s not going to break the bank but with general farming you start to build them up fairly quickly again.

I have masses of the other 3 ascension items mind so it’s not a drama to me but always low on backpacks. And every little helps as they say


If you put all 2* ascension mats except backbacks in the transmutation vessel you get a backpack every time. This transmutation needs 3 hours, so you can build 8 backpacks per day.

But for making strong rope, there are six potential ingredients, but only four slots.

Instead of getting the rope I need, i instead get the fifth ingredient.

That’s the annoying problem with that HA. There are 6 ingredients and you can only put in 4. So it’s always a 50/50 chance for you to get a strong rope or something else you don’t want. You may feedback to them to increase the transmutation ingredients to 5

That and cut down on the waiting period. Why does everything have to be measured in hours?

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