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Hi guy’s,

Anybody experiencing problem with upgrade on iOS. Game is showing upgrade but on App Store there is no upgrade.

Android has upgraded already.

That happens when you upgrade on Android and not on IOS. I usually wait to update before it is showing up in both systems.


So basically need to wait for iOS upgrade?

Unfortunately Yes. I did this mistake before and from then on i wait.

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This is a common sync problem when devs release upgrades for both iOS and Android as the approval process for iOS (App Store) is much more stringent and slow than the Google Play Store. Uploading to Play Store literally. takes the devs 2 minutes to complete. App store is usually 24 hours upwards to 3 days.

What I am surprised about is that generally devs would wait to upload to Play Store until it clears App Store so syncing is generally just a few minutes as opposed to having no idea and getting this concurrent sync issue. I love you E&P but be better on your syncing.

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Having trouble logging in and one of my other alliance members can’t login. Fix your issues or will be leaving the game and taking my money to raid. ■■■■ you leaving the game any way because you have to many bugs and issues with your game.

There is already a thread. I sure it will be fixed soon. Stay calm! Good luck😃

Я не могу тоже войти в игру!!! С утра 18.11 при входе написало - Есть обновление!!! зашёл на Плей Маркет обновил, с плеймаркета нажимаю зайти и - Вновь иконка ЕСть обновление!!!.. Что ДЕлать?! ( пытался удалить полностью игру и установить заново, перезагрузить телефон, удалить кэш… и с бубном плясал… БЕСТОЛКУ=(… ) Посоветуйте пожалуйста! заранее спасибо!

I can’t enter the game either !!! On the morning of November 18, at the entrance, I wrote - There is an update !!! I went to the Play Market updated, from the playmarket I click to enter and - Again the icon is updated !!! … What to do ?! (I tried to completely delete the game and reinstall it, restart the phone, delete the cache … and danced with a tambourine … Please advise! thanks in advance!

??? Speak English

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