Upgrade Elkanen or Buddy?

Have the mats for a nature upgrade. Should I do Elkanen to level 3 or Buddy to level 4. I’m guessing it’s always best to upgrade 5* over 4*?

Upgrade Buddy he ist one of the best 4* hero, and 4* at 4/70 its better than 5* at 3/70.
About Elkanen: Just how bad is Elkanen?

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+1 for Buddy. Elk can wait


ok, thanks, that helps me decide. Buddy it is. Cheers.

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Elkanen and kadilen considered as worst 5* green. So upgrade buddy, he is good

Is Kadi really worse than Horg though :thinking: she seems somewhat more viable

Always good to have a buddy around.

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Depends on your lineup.

Horghall is better as tank and Kadi is better to be comboed with Zeline/Evelyn/Isarnia.

Kadi and Guin also ain’t bad

Her hits is very weak, just like scratching the opponent a lil bit, then her protection can easily be debuffed. She can be ignored when raiding

Exact opposite. A 4* maxed is very good and valuable and also cheaper to level. 5* on 3/70 is more expensive and always weaker in stats. Get your 4*‘s up first

Great, thanks all.

So my other choice is Tibertus or Obakan. Does the same apply for that then… Tibertus first?

Wouldn’t it be better to feed both depending on the ascension?
Up the one who gets a better success from the actual feeding.
E.g. one has already high special, feed trainers - even color doesn’t matter then.
If you need to up the special - feed in smaller amounts and (if possible) the right color.

I only have the mats to ascend one or the other. Getting trap tools is very slooooow. Special will be maxed on either. I tend to only feed same colour.

Greens need shields not tools, just wanted to make sure you hadn’t made a mistake and don’t have the shields

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Thanks, but I moved on to obakan and tibertus after elk and buddy :slight_smile:

Tiburtus for sure! He is essential for your progress. Obakan is average hero and on 3/70 pretty useless. Tib instead is a core hero for yellow titan and against yellow tanks. Take him up!

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