Upgrade Boldtusk now or Natalya later?

I have 5 Hidden Blades and 5 Mystics Rings
and Boldtusk (3/60) & Natalya (3/70)

Do I upgrade Boldtusk now or wait for the Mt Umber quest next month and upgrade Natalya then?
I doubt I will get 2 hidden Blades in a month they seem to be rarer for me.

I do have a Kiril (4/70) and my other top reds are Scarlett (4/70) and Guardian Falcon (3/60)

If you want to improve your titan’s damage then upgrade Boldtusk.
If you do a lot of raids you could be fine with Natalya and level Boldtusk (and G. Falcon) later.

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Boldtusk. Both 'cuz he will do more for you against titans right now, and 'cuz he is so much easier.

From where you are, it will take ~83k of feeder XP to max BT compared to ~173k for Natalya, and the difference in how much food you will spend leveling her up is even worse!

Edit: Seems you’ve had a bad run of luck at hidden blades. I’m pretty sure that when you get a 3* ascension item in loot, it is random which one it is, so ~1/7 of them long term should be hidden blades. If you find 14 or more 3* ascension items in a month, two hidden blades would be a reasonable expectation.

Then again, RNG’s should and do have streaks. They will do exactly that some times to some people. Which is why I’ve used every pair of gloves I’ve gotten my hands on and am sitting on 11 compasses right now…grrr…


bold tusk. he’s more useful all around.


Thank you, I decided to upgrade Boldtusk

good. boldtusk is meat and potatoes. Natalya is a fancy dessert.


Thank you, I decided to upgrade Boldtusk

yep , ascension materials are streaking.
I was playing less than a month and I had 6 trap tools, all from drops, with no 4* or 5* heroes

thanks, I was leaning that way
I tend to use Scarlett more in raids too
sometimes I don’t have time for Natalya’s damage to take full effect.

I got Wu Kong and Boldtusk last month during an event pull.
My titan scores have increased atleast 50%

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With the recent work by Solemnwolf, I suggest using Kiril for the heal+ and double the Falcon.

The defense debuff vs fire is big and all the stats are better at max.

Waiting for Mt Umber should be okay because you should be trying hard for Gravemaker now

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I had read that post, lots of info and very interesting.

My titan team is typically constructed this way

  1. Wu Kong
  2. Tiburtis/Grimm/Guardian Falcon
  3. Boldtusk/Kiril
  4. strong color attackers (preferably w/single shot specials)
  5. strong color attackers (preferably w/single shot specials)

Here’s a link to the Damage Calculation post

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you need to have at least 2-3 strong color heroes on your titan team. Don’t worry about special, go with the biggest attack stat (i.e. Little John is better at titans than Caedmon). Use boldtusk over kiril on yellow, purple, greens.

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On green, I can see bt if color stacked…but pls explain replacing Kiril/Grimm if he didn’t level G Falcon ahead of bt

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I’m not understanding your question, but here are my titan teams

Red - Wu Kong, Kiril, Grimm, Perseus, Alasie
Blue - Wu Kong, Kiril, Grimm, Zeline, Meledor
Green - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, Natalya
Purple - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Rigard, Sabina
Yellow - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Guinivere, Justice

FYI - this entire post is kind of moot now, I just received a Hidden Blade from the Alliance War loot (can’t be a coincidence)

on your green team - i found damage was better running wu plus tibs and then falcon plus two more reds, rather than skipping a ramming pulverizer for a non-gormek 4th red.

now that you can ascend gormek it’s moot but for others i’d recommend that.

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Whenever gormek is mentioned, I recall Revelate calling him a “wet noodle”. And, even with the defense debuff, he does not add alot to the four red team you are now using.

After rereading the original post, I understand you are going to level up Nayalya. Since you know where the rings are and are planning accordingly, I guess, but I would still try for a better 5.

Good hunting.

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Natalya is very good for raid offensive teams. But she lacks the versatility of, for example, Marjana. I’d pick Boldtusk myself, speaking as someone who usually pairs both Boldy and Natalya together on raids.

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Bold tusk is one of the best red heroes. I maxed him almost before any other 4* and he dug me out of more bad conflicts than just about any other hero I have.

Trouble is that his heal is weak and I got marjana about a month ago. He just got benched in her favor, which in turn caused me to redo my entire raid rainbow team to Marjana-Arthur-Justice-Sabina-Lianna, which so far is much more powerful than the Arthur-Chao-Boldtusk-Quintus-Horghall it replaced.

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