Upgrade Alliance wars

Dear Developers of Empire games & Puzzles. I love the new alliance wars features, especially the feature that allows you to see the remaining amount of war energy each directly on the battlefield. I suggest to improve the button interface “Information about the Alliance” on the battlefield, where is the total amount of energy war of the Alliance, but not individual values for each player. This information was would useful. of the leader of for control activity its team. in this case, there will be no need to point-click on the player to obtain this information, everything will be immediately clear.

It’s already there. Click on alliance avatar from war tab or battlefield (can’t remember which since war went down)

The info about the Alliance are the remaining energy of each participant? remember there is the General significance. I’ll look again at the next war

Yes total war flags for alliance left at that point. Will say “45 flags remaining for this stage” or something like that.

Pro this form of say. the total number of energy there is, and specifically EO everyone there is no. it would be convenient to control here who has how much energy left. for example, place a column with individual energy between the name and the cups

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