Upgrade advanced training option

Could we please get this option to be for rare or uncommon summons only? We need an option to summon a majority of 2* heroes to use for leveling. Right now, every training option gives u a possible 1* with every category and generates 80% of the time.

  • this is a request to get more uncommon heros in summons.

Did you get 1* from advanced training? I had been curious because 15 times I used advanced training, the results are nine 2* and six 3*…

Actually no. I should have specified the lower training levels. Like right before 100% rare summon should be a much cheaper 2* training rare possibility of 3*. I actually want a dedicated 2* summon. Right now I soam #11. 2hr time at 2troop. That usually generates 20% 2* and the rest 1*.

2* summon
4hr time at 3troop cost

There uncommon options now cost too much, is by color selection and still generates 1* so waste to use them…

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