Updates so players don't leave game

  1. Raids need to be fair. You can’t have it where you win 11 to 30 but lose 50.
  2. Find something worthwhile that we can do with all our extra troops.
  3. If you receive an “A” in a titan battle you should get better loot than a “C”. I have not seen a difference.
  4. Make alliances more than just titan killers. Give us a greater purpose like being able to gift items to each other. Gift. Gift. Gift.
  5. Don’t make ascension items so hard to get. Why so many multiples? To ascend my Quintes I need 6 Royal Tabards and 4 Trap Tools, 1 Damascus Blade and 1 Tome of Tactics. It seems so impossible to get. Why not 2 of each? 6 of an item is totally impossible and frustrating.
  6. Have the special chests coordinate with ascension items. Example: Holy Chests have Holy ascension items.
  7. The higher the star titan the better the loot should be.
  8. Daily token should have a bonus 4 star in it every once in a while. It would give players hope and make the game more fun.
    We are losing players out of frustration with the game. This is a GREAT game. I love it but there are some fixes that need to be done to keep it fun, fair and exciting.


I really love your #4 and #6. Not that the others are bad mind you, just that the idea of being able to trade or gift an item or hero to an alliance member is really really a great idea that I would love to see put into the game. I also like your idea of the treasure in the chests somehow tied back to the color. But should they be the same color or the opposite color treasure. You are hunting Holy then you get Dark items? Just a thought.


Those are some great points made above. I am also having a hard time getting what should be some somewhat easy ascension items for a four* hero. If what I am assuming are a lot of paying players on here are having trouble, then us non paying players…love the game very much though.


Make Alliances Trade!

Trade Everything in Alliances; Heroes, Troops, Items, Loot!!!


How about a purple chest every time you complete a Provence! There is really nothing special about completing the map. You complete a Provence on the map and its like; “wow, that was it?”