Updates Raids Cheating


So this has pissed me off for the last time. I get raided and then there’s an updated. Can’t get revenge on the ones that raided me because they haven’t updated the game. It is getting really old. Need to fix this problem. Its pretty much cheating.


I can’t even be bothered.


I haven’t even been given the option to update yet so not sure how you can blame the player


Actually, you can’t revenge, because he is in-game (Last acitve: now). The unavailable only refers to not being able to see his team… you get that message everywhere, when the other person has not yet updated. The updates are not available to all players at the same time.


Annoying as it is for early updaters, updates don’t hit everyone at the same time. They’re staggered by ITunes and the Google store to avoid server overload as everyone downloads at once.
That’s leaving aside questions such as whether the other person has their device on or is in a position to download at the time an update becomes available - I don’t want to pay through the nose for phone data, so I only connect and update at home via wifi for example. I also don’t have the latest update available to me at all yet, so if I raided the OP I couldn’t update to allow a revenge through no fault of my own.
Accusations of cheating are more than a little over the top given the technical issues.


Even if it didn’t say now as active it would say something like unknown as their activity. It would be nice if the updates didn’t affect the Raids though. I will find another example…

Couldn’t attack them and they were on 29 minutes ago. It was because of the update.


Or you can just be patient and wait until everyone has updated their game.


By then more people will have attacked me and it will remove them before I get my revenge. And that has happened before as well.


It’s an unfortunate part of the game. Updates don’t happen that often. Personally dont see why it is so big a deal. There are still plenty of people to raid you may just have to spend a little food to find the right one.


Perhaps a solution would be that you can only raid people who have the same update as you. Meaning you cannot battle someone who has updated and you haven’t and vice versa.


With all the other things to be annoyed at about this game, this issue falls in at about 97th on the list. Odds are that revenge will still be there when they update since they expanded the revenge list by quite s bit…if not…not really that big of a deal.


That is how it is, and that is the problem that the poster is having. Someone raided him, then updated, so he can’t revenge.


Are you accusing those who raided you as cheaters? Or SG? I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the sentiment as posted.

It is a known fact that—when you update the game—you may not attack or revenge anyone who hasn’t updated as you have. This also occurs when the other player updates.

I understand it annoys you, but unfortunately, this is how it is.

For future reference:

By this definition, no one is cheating you.


I never update it does it on it’s own so either update with me to attack or don’t update until you have. Sounds like you may be “cheating” yourself. Turn off auto update and try that for the next time just be careful you don’t miss out on something awesome like, for instance, changes in AW or even payouts. Could happen.


People use auto-update? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, I have not confronted any problems with the auto-update so far.
Although these days I’m so eager about the patches that I usually do it manually before auto-update kicks in. :smiley:


@Rook @EvilSmoothie I believe our good friend is being facetious! Gotta love that one there!


I hope the OP checks back. I understand the word “Beginner” can be misunderstood. :wink:


@Rook are you moving too fast? Might be the wrong topic! Lol I’m a level28 beginner by the way.


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