Updated the game and now I can't log in

Me and my wife updated the game and now we can’t log in to our account. Says no internet connection but im using the same the wifi and even use my data and still having the same problem. I know it’s not my wifi or data because I can do everything like watch videos and search the web can anyone help I cleared my cash uninstall it and reinstalled it and nothing.

Haveing the same issue, updated and now when i switch the game onn screen goes black and game doesnt launch.

Had the network issue on my Samsung TM-520 after upgrade. Other device said I’m actually logged in. Did reboot and issue was gone. Assume, clearing the cache would result in the same.


Had a similar issue this afternoon, did what Peter stated above but still unable to connect. So I turned the wifi off on my phone, then on again and it worked.

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It still can be your wifi. My wifi is couple of times block this game and nothing else. And with my phone internet connection game worked. Restarting modem has solved the problem for me.

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Now when you mention, I turned WiFi off/on once more after reboot.

btw. Does happen to other games as well from time to time

I think my TM-520 is not supported anyway.

16.0.2 is out, should fix your problems. :slight_smile: update your game.