UPDATED Question - Ascension advice, all colors

UPDATE: Luck has shined on me and I just pulled Joon (in Grimforest) What to do now?
I think Joon is the better hero, but I have lvl 11 yellow mana troop for malosi which is now 3.70 and hate fighting telluria and like that Malosi could be a game changer in this regards also he has a good elemental link

updated my heros below

Hey guys, I am currently running out of ideas what to level as I managed to get a decent roaster in each color.

This current def team with 4122
Boldtusk, Sartana, Sir Roostley, Costume Melendor, Magni

The following heros are in my roaster:
Magni 4.80+7
Thorn 2.60
2Isarnia 1.1 (no costume)
Grimm 4.70+20
Kiril 4.70
Boril 4.70
Sonya 4.70
Grimm 3.60
Miraweave 1.3
Agwe 1.1
Sonya 1.1
3*Grimm 1.1

I have 6 scopes and 17 capes, and two 4* crit troops

  • I am not sure if Thorn is worth leveling over Isarnia.
  • Upping another Grimm to lvl4 seems like the best idea

Sir Roostley 4.80+6
Malosi 3.70
Joon 1.1

Li Xiu 4.70+19
Chao 4.70+18
Mist 4.70+14
Wu Kong 4.70+1
Chao 3.60
Danzaburo 3.60
Mist 1.1
Li Xiu 1.1

I have 7 Darts, 8 Orbs, 5x 4* mana troops, one 4* crit troop
Upping Malosi seems the next logical decision (have a lvl11 mana yellow mana troop), if I do not pull any good yellow heros next, as i have most classic yellow ones.
Maybe another Mist?

Elena 3.59

Guardian Falcon 4.70+16
Boldtusk 4.70+11
Wilbur 4.70+11
Colen 4.70
Scarlett 4.70
Sumle 4.70
Sir Lancelott 4.70
Kelile 3.60
Sumitomo 3.60
Gormek 3.60

I have 14 Rings and 18 blades, 2 4* crit and 1 4* mana troop
Waiting for my first red 5*,
Not sure if any of the remainin red 4* are is worth leveling

Elkanen 3.70
Costume Melendor 4.70+18
Caedmon 4.70+8
Brynhild 4.70+7
Kashrek 4.70
Gadeirus 3.60
Hansel 1.1
Another Melendor 1.4
Gobbler 1.1
3*Caedmon 1.1
Little John 1.1

I have 9 Tonics and 18 shields, two 4* crit troop
Not sure if Elkanen is good enough for ascension, hoping for a better 5*
Generally lacking fire power in my greens though either gadeirus oder another melendor due to costume seems to me the best choice, not sure if it is worth to level little john at this stage. I would like to replace Kashrek in my mono green team, as he is not doing much.

Sartana 4.80+10
Obakan 2.60
Sartana 1.1
Sabina 4.70+20
Rigard 4.70+18
Tiburtus 4.70+7
Proteus 4.70
Amoenna 3.60
2*Stonecleave 1.1
Rigard 1.2
Boomer 1.1
Sabina 1.1
Tiburtus 1.1

I have 3 Tabards and 8 Trap Tools, 5x 4* mana troop
I consider leveling a second Sartana before Obakan or just wait for other heros
I Stonecleave i think is not good enough, maybe another rigard?

I expect to do approx 20 pulls across in the next month between the different events using my coins.

Any advice is appreciated.

I agree with/suggest:

  • Blue: Grimm#2, I have 3 and Athena maxed and they are great
  • Yellow: Malosi. The only one I have in front of malosi is woolerton, but I’ve wanted a 4* yellow hero forever
  • Red: if you had another BT or Falcon I would suggest them. I know @Guvnor is pretty happy with Sumle
  • Green: I would do Melendor#2. I’m working #5 right now and haven’t been disappointed in having multiple.
  • Purple: I would probably do Sartana #2 over Obakan, but I’m going to throw out a recommendation for another Rigard.
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Your general instincts seem correct to me…

Where the 5* are concerned… It’s gonna depend on your pulling tendencies and how you run your TC’s (namely: how many run TC20).

If you pull a bit then I’d hold off on eg: Elkanen…
If not, you may find it worth maxing him out - he’s a bit mediocre, but a mediocre 5* maxed out will improve on 4* in your teams and that helps get the revolving door of mats going for when the next option comes along.


  • Blue… For comments above sub Thorne in for Elkanen - paired up with Grimm he’ll hit like a truck, his stats are very much “tanky grinder” (stays alive well, wins by attrition). He’s improved after several buffings and isn’t the joke he may once have been, but he’s still a bit boring. All depends what else you might pull. Failing that, another Grimm.
  • Yellow yes I’d do Malosi.
  • Red… I’d do Sumle - he’s a bit luxury but his attacking stats are good and that will improve your event scores (especially if you do reruns).
  • Green as above, it depends how likely you are to get something else… If Elkanen isn’t worth it, do another Melendor, healers always come in handy and his tile damage is excellent.
  • Purple. Yes I’d do Sartana #2 over Obakan - she plays well everywhere, Obakan has a nice attacking stat (so he’d always get on titan teams with his high tile damage) but he’s underwhelming otherwise. Another Rigard or Sabina never goes amiss either.
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i forgot to add isarnia which i recently pulled (no costume).

With costume?

She’s better than Thorne either way, but Costume really improves her durability.

no costume unfortunately came from TC20, i only run 1 TC20

also added 4* troops in the opening post I have a decent set of them for each color.

with one
lvl 12 mana purple
lvl 11 mana yellow
lvl 10 crit red, green and blue

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BLUE I’d do a second Sonya for when/if you get her costume.
Isarnia over Thorne… but if no costume I’d wait on both. Emblemed Grimm is a cheaper alternative.

YELLOW malosi seems to be a solid choice.

RED if any, I’d do kelilie since she’s fast.

GREEN little John and gad will be good for titans.

PURPLE rigard #2 (I have 2 sartana’s maxed bc my purple choices sucked, but no regrets. And her costume looks pretty darn cool)

PS. This might all be repetitive… I didn’t read all the responses but saw some pretty trustworthy names listed up there.

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Yeah gadirus is cool I use alot on events as extra heal and boost makes alot of difference with a said jackal or colen next to him. also check the class of a hero that can help you in trials for completing.
I leveled a skittles and awge as not many sorcerer or cleric hitters just for that reason sure ain’t great but can clear trails with them.
Also have a soft spot for ghosty she great hits like a truck

I pulled Elena, Joon and Hansel and updated the first post and seek advice Joon vs. lvl 11 Mana Malosi.

Hansel is a solid choice. Would bump him to the front of the line… but finish the tier of whoever you’re leveling currently.

With 14 rings, I’d say go ahead and max Elena. She’s not the best choice for your first red 5* (imo) but you have enough rings to max another if/when you get one. What I like about her is that you don’t have to worry about her special being overwritten like most of the red heroes that have the burn Dot.

I don’t have malosi nor have I encountered him much so I don’t really have a well informed opinion on that decision. Sorry :pensive:

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