Updated hero Stats & Skills comparison lists (4*, 5*)


EDIT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TzEoumbKrVfcsu7PDw6gqxWz6rQQXKDqc9f5mQ8lNcc/edit I’ve since moved to this table. I posted it in some other thread, but just got a notification that people still click on this ancient thing so I thought might as well add that here.

Updated chart available as a .doc here, images below might be slightly off, but I can’t keep recropping them lol: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14ag-R0Ku1MgBL2jTkMiI2yQUajg1HCwS

Want to know how your heroes compare to others of the similar kind? Looking for someone to fill in some niche, but don’t know the options well enough? Curious whose auto attacks can pack the biggest punch or if there’s a healer of the color you need? A new player who wants to know what they can find in the game?

Then this topic is for you!
If you’re looking for in-depth analysis it’s not :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this list that I enjoy maintaining. Shared it once in its old form and some people said it could come in handy, especially to newer players. So I figured I’ll share it again. In pictures so the colors are preserved. Now includes Event heroes and recent patch updates.

Disclaimer: I’m a horrible scatterbrain. If I counted something wrong, my apologies, don’t hesitate to correct it!

ITALICS = 5* heroes.

Single target damage

These heroes deal damage to one target only. DoT means “Damage over time”. DoT part of the damage is not reduced by enemy’s defense.

Single target damage + minor damage on nearby targets

These heroes deal majority of their damage to their target and an unknown smaller amount of splash damage to enemies beside the target. Usually that means 2 enemies, but in some later maps of the Map thing there are fun clusters of enemies where a hero like that can hit more than 3 at once. Keep in mind that enemies must stand beside each other on the field to be considered nearby.

Area of Effect damage on all targets

These heroes hit every present enemy with the same force no matter how close to each other they stand.

Area of effect damage on target and nearby

These heroes work like Single Target + Minor Damage to nearby enemies, only they hit all of the targets with full force in their “splash” damage.

Available healers

Dedicated buffers/debuffers

These heroes don’t deal damage or heal in addition to their effects.

Attack skill

Attack skill defines how hard troops of the given color hit, the strength of hero auto attacks in raid defense (right? I think so), and how much they will benefit from buffs from heroes like Boldtusk or Kiril who buff an attack %.

Defense and Health

I still don’t know which one of these stats is more important to a tank. People say defense, but my Kelile does not agree lol. One thing’s for granted - want a tank? Get dat Owl!

EDIT: Yeeesh, must the images all scale differently?! Hurtsssssss my soul… But I don’t think I can control it D:<

3* team building help

Wu Kong has -32% accuracy at 8/8 special.


Ah yes, I got this one from the old table and didn’t review. Mea culpa!


Great info E! For those who like it in spreadsheet format, look at google here: http://tinyurl.com/E-and-P-Data


Excellent work! Thank you!


Magni defence only on nearby now.


Thank you for your efforts @Ellilea! Always great to see a new player guide. I’ll move this to Player Guides category. :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thanks for the effort - very clear and interesting! :slight_smile:


@Ellilea… Thank you for this info. It is needed and I’ll be putting this to good use.