Updated; hero bench help

  • Is Aeron worth the Tabbards once I have them? Or should I spend them on Domitia or wait for TC20 to give me a Sartana.

I’m a big fan of Aeron, but you have a maxed Rigard that can fill much the same role as Aeron for a while. You also have Viv to level for a 5 star healer, which is where I would look just because of your current hero base. Viv is a great 5 star healer.

  • Once Kiril is maxed I feel like Sonya would be the best choice to start leveling, right? Sonya v Boril v 2nd Grimm.

You already have Caedmon as a hitting dispeller. It is sometimes nice to have two for the color option or for team where you really want to make sure they don’t stay buffed long. I’ve never been a huge have of perfect riposte, so that is what I would do - but I’m sure others would say Boril

  • I have obtained a Vivica from TC20. Is she worth to materials after I’m done with Wu Kong and Chao (I will just max their 4th ascension first)? Vivica v Justice.

I would level viv. I don’t think you will regret it. Justice is a very good tank, but isn’t good for much else. A good healer is useful just about anywhere, and this would give you an opposite color healer to use as prime when you don’t want to bring a purple.


Thank you for replying! The way I level up my heroes is color by color.

I will focus on Sonya and Vivica.

I am however still confused about my next purple hero. Leave Aeron at 3/70 and bring Domitia up also? Maybe hoping to get Sartana or an event hero on my way to 2/60 with Domitia?

As for green, Gregorian now is at 2/60. I can bring him to 3/70, but I could also hope for Melendor/Little John/Lianna from TC20 and max one of those 4 stars before ascending Gregorian to 3/70. Or would you suggest me to ascend Gregorian to 3/70 anyway?

Same for my red heroes. Kelile is now at 3/60. I can ascend her, but I could also wait and save the materials for Boldtusk/Gormek etc.


I don’t have Domita, so I’m just going off stats on this one (the others I have and play). Domita seems like she would be an OK hitter. Aeron is a good healer and very useful for events (his special that keeps aliments off your core team is very nice - if you time it right). But his special is just as special at 3/70 as it is at 4/80. He just hits harder and becomes more sturdy. If you level viv, I would wait to see if you got a better purple hitter. But that’s just me.

Leveled Greg - you will not regret that I don’t think. Great on titans and on raids. Combined with wu on titans you can have some real fun.


Thank you sir! You have helped me taking my doubts away. :grin:


I am currently working on Sonya and Gormek. I need a new project (or not) for yellow, green and purple.

My thoughts now are:

  1. Ascend Vivica to 3/70 and leave Li Xiu, Danzaburo and Hu Tao aside. By the time she’s at 3/70, hope to have received 1 more Orb and 2 more Darts. Good choice?

  2. Because I will work on Vivica and plan to max her I might be better off leaving Aeron at 3/70 for now. I do not think Ameonna is worth the Trap Tools at this moment. So I should work on either Sabina (3/60) or Domitia (2/60, might be worth the Trap Tools to 3/70) and hope for Tiburtus or Sartana from TC20. I will also do some pulls during Atlantis (Proteus) and the upcoming 2 events (G. Panther and Merlin). It’s probably better to save all the Trap Tools, am I right?

  3. Kashrek would be a nice tank, but I’ll have Vivica soon. Skittleskull, I have my doubts about spending my Shields on it. I am a very patient player. Should I level up Kashrek or Skittleskull? Or spend my green feeder heroes on another color project?

  1. Work on Vivica, she’s useful at 3/70 until you get the stuff to max her.

  2. I’d save the trap tools. I use Sabina a lot and she’s been great, but you’ve got Kiril, Rigard, and (soon) Vivica, so you’re doing ok on healers right now. You’ll eventually max her, but I’d hold onto the tools for now.

  3. If you’re going to do one of the two, do Kashrek without a question. You currently don’t have any other decent greens listed, so you might as well start working on him. If you get to the point where you’ve gotta spend shields and you’ve got a bunch, he’s worth the ascention at this point. But you might have picked up another green by then, too.


Thanks for your reply! :+1:

I will work on Vivica and hope to have the materials to max her once she reached 3rd ascension.

I see you prefer to hold on to the Trap Tools, that was my gut feeling also. But, would you advice me to ascend Sabina to 3/60 or Domitia (or Quintus) to 2/60? A purple project.

I do have Caedmon (and Gregorian, who I will max when I can) as green heroes. But when I think about Kashrek again, he could be useful on blue titans (stacking 3 greens) or events. I will start on Kashrek then.


Sure thing.

Yeah, I had Viv at 3/60 for a long time until I got the last set of darts and she was a member of all of my teams.

I think you’ll get more out of Sabina at 3/60 in AW than you will either Domitia or Quintus at 2/60, to be honest.

Yep, max Greg when you can, but Kashrek is a solid base for a lot of teams.


I have pulled Jackal today, with a single pull :laughing: Lucky me.

Would you still prioritze Vivica? She’s at 2/45 now, near 2/60. My feeling says to leave her at 2/60 and continue with Jackhal. But besides Chao and Hu Tao, I do not have any other yellow hero ascended (only 3*).


Ich would work on Jackal - great doubled with Chao on purple titans… and so useful for war.


I’d probably switch to Jackel. He sort of fills the same role as Chao (yellow fast sniper), but they are a good combo on Titans, as Witch said.

With Rigard and Kiril maxed, you don’t need another healer yet.


I’ll switch to Jackal.

Still keep Aeron at 3/70 / Sabina at 3/60 now that I won’t work on Vivica for a while? In other words; save the materials for a purple hitter or something. I’ll do a few Atlantis pulls soon and have my TC20’s running.

I have enough materials to fully ascend a new 4* AND 5* purple hero. Sabina and Aeron can be upgraded to 4th ascension at the same time.

Sabina 3/60
Ameonna 3/60
Aeron 3/70
Domitia/Quintus 1/1


I’d probably wait through your Atlantis pulls or if you’re going to do any more event pulls to see if you snag a Panther or any new purple Atlantis hero.

I’ve never used Aeron, but people like him, so if you don’t get anything else then I think he’s a worthy purple 5*.


If Greg is not a good green, wait what


He said he didn’t have the stuff. Keep reading:

“Yep, max Greg when you can, but Kashrek is a solid base for a lot of teams.”


Shush. Gregorion is at max in a few days. I will then have to ascend Skittleskull or Kashrek. Which I think will be Kashrek. :wink:

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.


If you plan to play the game long term (2 years or more), I would advise against working on Kash and Skittle for now. Once you get to the point where you have 30+ heroes for war, you will not have a use for them. Sabina and 2nd Grimm will be much useful for everything except raid defense.


Greg takes a ton of feeders, so I might be able to get another green 4* hero by the time has has reached 80. I have two TC 20’s running and will do a few Atlantis summons next week. Pray! :pray:

I do have a 1/1 Caedmon in my bech who I could level up instead of Kash and Skittle. He probably is of better use in wars compared to Kashrek and Skittleskull. That’s probably the way to go, unless I want to test my patience. No?


So I have pulled Natalya when she was available during a previous Atlantis Summon portal.

My current maxed red heroes: Gormek & Colen

My other available red heroes: Kelile 3/60, Colen (2nd), Kelile (2nd) and Natalya at 1/42.

I did not ascend Kelile to 4th ascension, because I wanted to save materials for Boldtusk or any other valuable red hero I might receive from TC20’s or summons. I did not receive another one yet, but I’ll probably won’t do any more payed summons for a while. That’s why I started on Natalya yesterday.

Once I have finished the Christmas Event, I will have enough materials to fully max Natalya. Should I level up Natalya right now or spend my materials on Kelile first?

Other leveled 4/5* heroes:

Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Caedmon, Gregorion (4/75), Rigard, Aeron (3/70), Sabina (3/60), Ameonna (3/60), Domitia (2/60), Wu, Chao, Vivica (2/60), G. Jakhal 3/60, Hu Tao (3/60), Gormek, Colen

I currently have 5 rings and 8 hidden blades - Advanced stage of the Event awaits.



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