Updated; hero bench help

  • Is Aeron worth the Tabbards once I have them? Or should I spend them on Domitia or wait for TC20 to give me a Sartana.

I’m a big fan of Aeron, but you have a maxed Rigard that can fill much the same role as Aeron for a while. You also have Viv to level for a 5 star healer, which is where I would look just because of your current hero base. Viv is a great 5 star healer.

  • Once Kiril is maxed I feel like Sonya would be the best choice to start leveling, right? Sonya v Boril v 2nd Grimm.

You already have Caedmon as a hitting dispeller. It is sometimes nice to have two for the color option or for team where you really want to make sure they don’t stay buffed long. I’ve never been a huge have of perfect riposte, so that is what I would do - but I’m sure others would say Boril

  • I have obtained a Vivica from TC20. Is she worth to materials after I’m done with Wu Kong and Chao (I will just max their 4th ascension first)? Vivica v Justice.

I would level viv. I don’t think you will regret it. Justice is a very good tank, but isn’t good for much else. A good healer is useful just about anywhere, and this would give you an opposite color healer to use as prime when you don’t want to bring a purple.


Thank you for replying! The way I level up my heroes is color by color.

I will focus on Sonya and Vivica.

I am however still confused about my next purple hero. Leave Aeron at 3/70 and bring Domitia up also? Maybe hoping to get Sartana or an event hero on my way to 2/60 with Domitia?

As for green, Gregorian now is at 2/60. I can bring him to 3/70, but I could also hope for Melendor/Little John/Lianna from TC20 and max one of those 4 stars before ascending Gregorian to 3/70. Or would you suggest me to ascend Gregorian to 3/70 anyway?

Same for my red heroes. Kelile is now at 3/60. I can ascend her, but I could also wait and save the materials for Boldtusk/Gormek etc.


I don’t have Domita, so I’m just going off stats on this one (the others I have and play). Domita seems like she would be an OK hitter. Aeron is a good healer and very useful for events (his special that keeps aliments off your core team is very nice - if you time it right). But his special is just as special at 3/70 as it is at 4/80. He just hits harder and becomes more sturdy. If you level viv, I would wait to see if you got a better purple hitter. But that’s just me.

Leveled Greg - you will not regret that I don’t think. Great on titans and on raids. Combined with wu on titans you can have some real fun.


Thank you sir! You have helped me taking my doubts away. :grin:


I updated the hero list.

Here I am wondering again:

I have received Ameonna and Sabina. I am not going to spend my ascension materials on Sabina yet, because I have Rigard, Aeron and Caedmon. I also plan to level up Sonya as my next blue hero.

Ameonna is my first 4* purple non-healer, but I am not convinced about spending ascension materials to upgrade her into 4th ascension level.

Since I am a patient player, I think I am better of waiting to spend my ascension materials for Sartana, Obakan(?), Tiburtus or maybe a lucky Proteus. However, I am soon able to ascend Aeron to 4th ascension once I receive 1 more Royal Tabbard.

The next yellow hero I will start with next week will be Vivica. I am short: 2 Orb of Magic and 2 Poison Darts to ascend her to 4th ascension.

What are your thoughts?

  1. Ascend Aeron, while working on Vivica, or Ameonna or still wait for another 4/5* purple hitter?
  2. Is Kelile worth it?
  3. What would your defense team be when you’re able to choose from:

Kiril, Colen, Aeron (3/70), Grimm, Caedmon, Vivica (3/70 soon), Rigard, Chao