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I started playing E&P in April '18 and am wondering wether or not to ascend Hu Tao to ascension his 4th ascension level.

More background information first:

My current team I basically use for everything consist of Aeron 5* 2/48 (purple), Colen 4* 3/43 (red), Caedmon 3/39 (green), Valen 3* 3/50 (blue) and Hu Tao 3/59 (yellow). I sometimes swap out Valen or another hero for another fully ascended 3* hero when I think it’s useful to run a double color team.

I counted my total amount of ascension materials and based on that I am able to:

  • Ascend Caedmon to his 4th ascension and ascend Aeron to 3rd ascension. I just pulled Rigard, but I will ascend Aeron to his 3rd ascension first. I love this hero.

  • Also ascend Grimm (blue 4*) to his 4th ascension on which I’m working as well.

  • Also ascend Hu Tao to his 4th ascension.

  • I lack 2 hidden blades to ascend Colen soon.

The other strong yellow heroes I have available are:
Justice 5* 1/1, Chao 4* 1/1, 4* Li Xiu 1/1.

I don’t have the materials to ascend Justice to his 4th ascension, I need 1 more orb and 3 more poison darts.

I feel like I receive more joy from alliance wars, titan battles and special event quests with all the stages. The amount of cups I have is less relevant, but I try to make the best of it for the sake of spending the energy.

Would you advise me to ascend Hu Tao to his 4th ascension?
Or keep him at 3/60 and work on one of the other 4* heroes or Justice?

Thanks in advance.

Do not ascend 5* heroes before you’ve completed a few full 4* rainbow teams.

A 4* 4^70 hero is way better than a 5* 3^70 one.

If I were you I’d get Hu up and put him as center. Rush Rigard as he’s one of the best healers out there, and Caedmon.

Rigard, Caedmon, Hu, Grimm, Colen

Tough team.


Thanks for clarifying!

Does that mean Rigard on 4/70 is also of more use than Aeron on 3/70? I would have to save those ascension materials then. I received Aeron long before I got my first 4* purple. Pulled Rigard today.

Well, you ought to put Aeron in the middle, right? Without even considering Hu, at 4^70 Rigard has more Defense than Aeron at 3rd ascension which makes Rigard better at center anyway (both purple).

Now, pair that with Hu center (yellow) AND Rigard present :slight_smile:

People usually double against your center. And, more often than not the center fires at least ince before he dies. A Hu special is much more devastating than Aeron one, because of the miss(!)

And you can heal with Rigard pretty nicely too. And he has the rare own team dispell which is very, very valuable.

You said you don’t have any othet healer so that would also be a point towards Rigard first :slight_smile:


I do have other healers, Belith fully ascended and Hawkmoon almost fully ascended but they are both 3*. Useful for 3* event specials. But the decision to upgrade Aeron was pretty easy considering I did not have a 4* or other 5* healer and purple.

I will wait with ascending and see if other people share their opinion, but your view on this topic seems excellent to me.

I’ll also upgrade Aeron to full ascension level 2 and work on Rigard to fully ascend him directly after. It’s almost there anyway. #OCD

Thank you @Warthelan!

I wouldn’t ascend Hu Tao. He becomes irrelevant pretty quickly.
Li and Chao are better although not great either.
The orbs are better spent on Wu Kong or a 5* star.


I had no success pulling Wu Kong from summons or obtaining him from TC’s. :frowning:

I also read that Li and Chao are indeed considered better, but since Hu Tao is already at 3/59 it is worth asking around for opinions.

I wouldn’t go for Hu tao, I think Chao is much more useful.
For the Aeron/Rigard debate, I usually agree with fully leveled 4* is better than a 5* at 3/70, but with some specials, that is not always the case. I think Aeron will be very useful at 3/70 too. Rigard is a good healer too, so you can’t go wrong either way.
At the point you are now, I wouldn’t worry as much about defense, offense considerations are better now. Certain heroes are a must for offense and make good tanks too, like Kiril and Boldtusk, so once you’d get those, you won’t have much use for Hu tao (I don’t think he makes a good tank anyway, he does everything just mweh, it is maybe the most mweh hero out there :wink: ).

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To summarize: Hu is good, not great.

Between special offers, titans and rare quests you can gather 4 orbs in ~2 months.

I’d personally ascend him now to have some fun and move on.

Rigard also.

It’s a long way to 30 heroes so :slight_smile:

Hu was my 2nd 4* of the game. Took him to 3/60 and he is still 3/60 7 months later. The other 4* yellows are just better than him. Don’t be afraid of leaving some heroes at 3/60. Work on Chao next.

Aeron is good at 3/70, however you need 4* to finish epic challenges and it is easier to work on 4*. So you can go Rigard.


Update 12-10-2018!


  • Aeron at 3/70 (required: 1 Royal Tabbard)
  • Gregorian at 3/52 (1 Sturdy Shield)


  • Hu Tao at 3/60
  • Chao at 4/39
  • Wu Kong at 4/70
  • Rigard at 4/70
  • Grimm at 4/70
  • Kiril at 4/70
  • Caedmon at 4/70
  • Colen at 4/70
  • Kelile at 3/60 (1 hidden blade)

Current defense team in order: Kiril, Colen, Aeron, Grimm, Caedmon

Available other heros:


  • Vivica 1/1
  • Justice 1/1
  • Domitia 1/1


  • Ameonna 2/27
  • Kiril 1/1 x2
  • Boril 1/1 x2
  • Skittleskull 1/1 x2
  • Li Xiu 1/1 x2
  • Grimm 1/1
  • Danzaburo 1/1
  • Agwe 1/1
  • Sonya 1/1
  • Colen 1/1
  • Sabina 1/1

Good choices. You are definitely on your way.

Wu, Kiril, Kelile, Greg should be next imo. If you can take Aeron to 70 him too.

You will have a bit so don’t worry about Li and Justice for now.

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I have updated my last post, by accident I posted it before it was finished. You can see it now. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think I was replying as you were updating, edited mine as well.

Thank you! :+1: Thank you again. (20 chars)

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should have said if you had mats for aeron.

I unfortunately lack the next materials to max any 5 star hero:

  • 5 Royal Tabbards for Aeron
  • 6 Sturdy Shields and 1 Mysterious Tonic for Gregorian
  • 2 Orbs of Magic and 4 Poison Darts for Justice

I can ascend Aeron and Justice to 3rd ascension. Gregorian only to 2nd.

4 shields will get Greg to 70 for now. The 4th ascension is where you need the tonics. I really wish I pulled Greg, I am sitting on 6 tonics and Horghall.

4 Trap tools will get Aeron to 70. You will get a couple trap tools and probably last tabbard while taking him to 70.

Work on Wu and leave Justice be right now. You may pull something better.

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Adjusted the list:


  • Is Aeron worth the Tabbards once I have them? Or should I spend them on Domitia or wait for TC20 to give me a Sartana. But I’ll need a lot more Tabbards to max them.
  • Once Kiril is maxed I feel like Sonya would be the best choice to start leveling, right? Sonya v Boril v 2nd Grimm.
  • I have obtained a Vivica from TC20. Is she worth to materials after I’m done with Wu Kong and Chao (I will just max their 4th ascension first)? Vivica v Justice. Or should I wait for Joon?
  • What would you ‘‘to aim for’’ defense team be with my available heroes?

I don’t spend a lot on pulls during event summons. Maybe there are worthwile Atlantis heroes I forgot to mention also. I don’t have much knowledge about them. I only spend for 10-12 summons every time during an event (if I like the available heroes, I skipped summoning during Pirate event). That’s why I have left out those heroes in my questions.

All I know is whenever I play against Hu Tao and his special goes off I miss way more specials and tiles than his card shows…he devastated me so much that I avoid raiding teams that have a fully ascended Hu Tao. It’s ridiculous to the point that I think they secretly buffed his blind rate!

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