Update war scoring / fight discord "cheating"

I think that we have just played an war against an alliance that are useing discord to try to cheat on game. basically they all atack one after another (was never 2 players in the same time) and every atack it was taking very long time. on top of that they had an message on aliance description and was like this “We despite alliances that play with discord”. That really make me think that they are the ones that do exactly that. Can I report it anywhere?

Hmmmm, who are these people and how much do they pay :thinking:?!


Imagine SG implementing ability to view alliance mate’s battles during war…and imagine also the resulting cheating complaints allover the place akin to this!.

Good luck to those players who have the time to painstakingly coach their members on each battle flag!

However, let the war be as it is for now, without any strange time bonuses nor strange penalties!

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Hmmm…? No reply necessary Zero :rofl: This is just nuts if you ask me.


Seems a little suspicious if you ask me. Just saying

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Yes, agreed. It’s unfortunate

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