Update war scoring / fight discord "cheating"

Who cares if the whole alliance helps with war hits? I’d prefer to do them myself or just give someone my account if it comes to the point of someone else doing. Takes the fun out of the game and is just ridiculous. There not 1 way to play any board. While some moves are better than others, ultimately its how you play the board which makes the game fun. Let the cheaters cheat because 30 people or 1 person looking at the same board does not make any difference.



How is two people screensharing different to two people collaborating on their war hits IRL?

Personally I have no issues with people doing it. If people are that serious about their alliance doing better that they mandate it, or if players just want to get better, then more power to them.

We already know that the setup provided by SGG is terrible for collaboration of any sort. Which is why alliances use discord or line for communication, sharing resources etc… So does that make you a cheater cause you gain an unfair advantage cause you can @ your ally members or share media or store infographics or access farming data…?

So say we call it cheating (which imho I don’t think it is), where then do they draw the line?

Do Alliances that collaborate and share their video recordings gain an unfair advantage over alliances that don’t even use Line/ Discord?

Do YouTube streamers who broadcast their hits to a huge audience gain an unfair advantage of feedback / communication over players who can only share with their ally members?

Do players who know ally members IRL and meet for coffee during war time have an unfair advantage over alliances made up of perfect strangers?


The thing that made this game is the community outside of the App… Don’t start trying to ruin it cause some people take it more seriously than you do.

Personally? I’m leading 7DH. Do our opponents sometimes do this? Sure! Do I care? Not at all.


Even if it could be proved, this suggestion if accepted, and added to the game it would automatically disadvantage the majority of players who cannot finish a battle in under three minutes.

This so called cheating if it exists, can be dealt with, but your solution would make the gap between whales and the rest of the player base even wider than it is.


LMFAO I can’t believe this is actually a thread.

There is no rule that says war hits or any gameplay have to be played by only 1 person. Games can be enjoyed solo or in groups. This is not some sanctioned, highly regulated, eSports tournament with referees and rulebooks. If collaborating helps a top team’s war hits, then why should they not do it? I personally wouldn’t do it b/c too lazy and am also self-proclaimed top tile tosser. You’re not ever going to be able to regulate this aspect so why complain about it? If you can’t beat em, then join em. Why doesn’t your alliance do the same? It is NOT cheating nor an exploit lol.


IDK if 30 people are arguing over every single move being made then they are running the risk of timing out on every war flag. Just saying. I have had many a war battle go deep into timer without anyone else giving me advice.

OTOH there are alliances where war leaders plan out every match in advance, which isn’t really so much different except in scale.


Imo, the solution here seems pretty clear to me (if the problem is even worth a solution, that is):

Aether’s are not dependent on a war win, but rather, are given as war loot [randomly] no matter the end result

Least this way, I won’t be punished for having a long, drawn out war hit; I already feel rushed enough as it is :sweat_smile: Would also remove incentive for people to create dummy alliances for farming aethers as well. Idk how prevalent that is, but gotta imagine it’s being done… (right?!)

Although it does share one thing in common with the OP’s suggestion: both have a fat chance of ever happening *sigh*

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Absolutely this. I’m in an Alliance (ranked ~30,000) with a relatively small war team and we absolutely rely on close communication to coordinate attacks and potential cleanup (I’m a janitor atm). The last war, we had multiple attacks almost time out and one that did. Bonus points for a three minute win? I think if you can always win in 3 minutes you should be picking tougher targets. When cleanup is over of course I’m going to ask the war boss which targets I should select. Sometimes it comes down to simple math and I might have to take on a target I’m not at all confident about to get the win.
Coordination is the secret to our success, calling it cheating is just outrageous. A free for all is almost a guaranteed losing strategy imo.

Good luck warring. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry about the error (EDITED), they took hours to approve this post. I realise now that they (the OP) were talking about streaming live? I don’t even know how I would do that? Quite frankly I often don’t have enough time to make this strategy workable. It’s certainly not going to make you a better player with a third party calling the shots.


There is no doubt, I’ve seen proof. That is to say proof of people playing games together.


I have to just throw in my 2 cents here on this. There is just no way that using Discord while you’re playing a game with other people is cheating. I’m a gamer. I play lots of games that are online with my friends, for example Diablo. It’s a very fun way to play a game to share screens and play using Discord to communicate so you’re having fun with your friends. This is commonplace throughout the gaming world.

For E&P, I am completely aware of multiple alliances that are using Discord while playing during war. In some cases it’s only a few people and other places it is a large number of players, and I can think of five alliances off the top of my head. All in top 100. I’ve never done it. It never really crossed my mind to do it for a game like Empires and puzzles. I already spend a huge amount of time playing this game and managing Alliance Affairs so I definitely don’t have time for it. But there’s just no way that playing together with friends is cheating, I mean people are just playing together. :woman_shrugging: Even though in some cases I am sure that people are coaching others, telling them which tiles to move, etc. No doubt.

You can take this further and say that having leadership arrange people’s war teams, or use spreadsheets to organize war strategies, or having chat rooms where people can learn how to play better is cheating. Where there’s already a lot of coordination/direction going on by a few top players, that could also be cheating, but we all take that for granted. Or, another thing might be continually playing wars undermanned (like at 28 or 29 members) in order to get easier wars so as to win as many wars as possible. Just to be clear, I don’t think that’s cheating either.

And it is frustrating while you’re playing in your war and you see an alliance do something like 60 one shots in a row, which I have definitely seen in a war with a Alliance that is playing together on Discord. But it’s not the end of the world.


I honestly thing the only thing that is truly pathetic is you raising this as an issue.

Firstly for something to be cheating it has to be done in contradiction to the rules. There are no rules about collaboarting on your war hits, either in person or online. Ergo, not cheating

Secondly, all you have is supposition. And it is all you will ever have, unless you see video evidence or people admit to do it,.

Thirdly, it is questionable how much value this gets. Too many cooks spoil the broth, right? I’d hate to have 10 voices in my ear (virutal or not) trying to tell me what to do. And all with a time limit in play. No thanks.

Fourthly, if an alliance actually is willing to invest so many extra hours into this questionable value add, then more power to them. They deserve to get something out of it, although I doubt they actually will.

Fifthly, your idea for a solution for this is absolutely terrible. Many people take their time in determining hits, and this will adversely impact them. Many people run battle of attrition teams, and this will adversely impact them. Many people have to overcome difficult boards, and this will adversely impact them. Many people have families and other commitments and may lose minutes in a game due to things happening around the house, and this will adversely impact them. THe only ones it won’t adversely impact are those who like to power play through each match with wham bham thank you ma’am heroes.

In summary… no thank you. To anything you just said.


Agree I had a war not long ago, when every hit took 4 or even more than 5 minutes. So I agree, thats not a good point to look at too. And giving a Bonus to people who can kill Super fast, would just be unfair… it would cause people to play the board faster than needed and playing bad moves just because they would need to hurry to get the Extra points. Furthermore we all sometimes have those supreme boards and win fast af. Why getting a Bonus on top of that while one with a bad Board needs to play longer?


I don’t like it but I also don’t think points for being fast will fix it either. I’m slow because I concentrate on each hit and I don’t want my team rushing through their hits.

Also, not to point out the obvious but constantly fighting at 29 so you can crush smaller teams and get aethers isn’t fair either but I don’t see that mentioned in your thread. Just sayin’. :thinking::face_with_monocle:


So if I help my brother who is right beside me regarding team selection and puzzle movement that is also cheating?

I see, so we shall say goodbye to our slow and/or stalling heroes.


Thank you for promotion :blush:

Ill not consider this as cheating but ill say it is a very coward strategy to take access on other players gameplay (even though this are top alliance players)

And so many top alliance players are even preset teams by their other strong members to fight,they just take full access on ur roster which team to hit with which particular heros and against which enemy that sucks…

They even force u to take what heros u should fight with enemy and yes their multiple players just continuously suggest u to move tiles and hit heros according to their willpower

Ill not consider them players they are just robots who taking help of human command to play their own game!!! This is why playing in top alliances is so boaring👎🏻

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Not all top alliances are like that…


This is why i said in my reply that its a cowards strategy and those are not players they are just tobots who need help of other humans to win or play their own gameplay

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Honestly it can’t be called cheating since there is no rule that says: Nobody else can play for you on your account.
What this means tho is that Small Giant has to figure out a better way to distribute Aethers more fairly.
It’s plain obvious only the rich and richer are allowed to get these on a regular basis.
Kudos to those that actually Team effort like pull through every hit at a time. I’d love to have so much time to waste :joy:


No amount of drinking, no amount of ridiculously cheap drink deals, no amount of anything will ever lead to an event where there is a poof and the outcome is baby #3.

Firmly capped at 2.

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Actually only you can play on your account. It just doesn’t say anything about anyone advising you (before, during or after)… :thinking:

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