Update Transparency

I’d like a little more detail than this:

“This update includes various bug fixes and smaller improvements.”

Given there are several players that do drop real money on this I think a little more transparency on the content of updates is warranted.

Not trying to be difficult but I would love to have a clear idea on the changes other than having to “feel them out” over time. For those that do pay I think its reasonable.



Amen sir.
It gives everytime the feeling that we have no rights to know.


I peacefully agree with my man Melchior here.

+1 times 20 characters

I agree.

While SG is very open and transparent about some things (hero nerfs, for example), they are less open about other things (ascension item drop rates, for example). I’ll happily add my voice to the chorus suggesting that it would be better if they were more transparent.

But though it’s possible, I can’t see why they would suddenly change their approach. If it seriously rots your jocks that they’re a bit black-boxy about this stuff, it’s probably better to go play Angry Birds.

Can’t really argue with anything you said there. Its not overly annoying me. It would be great to have a better description of changes is all.

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I have asked for that in the past, sadly nothing changed. But you have my vote, absolutely.