Update this game


Hey guys… We have been losing members in our guild due to very hard to obtain accession items, and unrealistic stats in raids. I believe alot of issues could be solved by incorporating alliance trading of items,heros,troops, and potions/battle items. I also believe that more quests or new missions would be implemented… Kinda like Titan battles but maybe something different that requires a team effort. I have spent quite a bit of money on game and so have alot of members in my alliance and it seems like no matter what we do it is all up to randomness… It also appears that some characters are alot easier to upgrade than others. It can be quite frustrating. I am building a second team right now and will probably be maxed out in a couple weeks. If I don’t have accession items by then I will be at a dead stop. No troops no heros no training. Food will be full… At that point I’m playing for no reason. This game is prob the best I’ve ever played… It almost seems like creators didn’t expect it to do so good and is lacking of upgrades and updates. Most of my guild is done with campaign… Is more to come? What’s next. I fear that more members will leave and before too long I will as well. Can we not make some changes to bring us back guys. More characters would be appreciated as well.


The next thing coming is Alliance Wars, though it will need to be Beta bested a bit to work the bugs out.

There are a number of benchmarks to measure success in this game, leveling heroes is only one.

I hope you find more success and less frustration in the coming weeks. I’ve found that just sticking to it; farming Titans, Mystic Vision, Wanted and Rare Wanted chests and Rare Quests, gets me where I’m going.

Good luck to you!


What about campaign?
What about alliance trading?
What about different missions/quests?

Any of those being updated or increased?
Just wanting to know if there is a future or if small giant is already moved on to next big thing?


Based on what I know, they are focused on this game, and resources are being allocated on the game. But only so many things can be addressed at once; if they focus here, they must not focus there.

Every new request adds to the pile, and they must decide which items take precedence.