Update symbol flag country Malaysia

Hello small giant… there are not have symbol ’ Pattern ’ flag country malaysia… please update as soon as can… because too many player from malaysia play this game…also thank a lot small giant… (active user 1 years ago).

A pin as well. There are Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia but no Malaysia

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Yes please,
Add Malaysia flag and pin

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please pin and chat room for malaysia… Recruiting malaysia we need go to indonesia… Too sad too long wait


We want our Puerto Rico flag in the language option. It is a different dialect of the Spanish languageimage


Yes… Please create one chat room for malay language… Its really hard to recruit our people, as we need to go to english language global room or indonesia room. They replied us with 'this is indonesian or this is for english lguage ONLY. It was really irritating. Please look for this request soonest possible. Tq sg!

Ada group org malaysia ke ? Kalau ada bg ler linknya

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