UPDATE Silver Sapiens, come rebuild with us!

Hi all, and thank you for reading.

Silver Sapiens is a new alliance of old players. Our alliance leader, as well as several elders became inactive.

We created a discord channel and a new Alliance. 2/3 of a very strong core used to battling 8* titans.

Here’s where you come in. Needless to say, we’re not challenged with the 1 & 2* Titans we’re being served. Our research has indicated the biggest driver to Titan strength is Alliance score, we need you to raise that for us!

What do we have to offer you?

A strong core group
A mature core group (Silver - older, Sapiens - Humans)
A dedicated leader
Several dedicated co-leaders
Our agreement to only hit the low level Titans once in the 1st 12 hours, to give everyone the opportunity (this will change once we’re back to 6* and above Titans)
We use discord, not required, but we’ve found it to be helpful


1400 cup minimum
Commitment to hit each Titan
Participate in wars or opt out

Feel free to come check us out! Search for Sapiens in Alliances, click on Silver Sapiens!

Leader - Silver Sapiens

We’ve moved up to 3* titans and won our last war. Still looking for some active players to come grow with us!

Search for Sapiens, make us your new home!

Leader - Silver Sapiens

Now up to 5* Titans, won our last 2 wars. Looking for a few good people to round out our ranks.

Search for Sapiens

We’re now up to 7* titans, taking them down with ease. We’ve had some recruits come and go. Currently have 7 spots open.

Come see if we’re a good fit for you!

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