Update season 1 heroes animations

Some season 1 heroes need an upgrade for their special animations. Richard comes to mind first. Just the magic circle and that’s it. At least Sartana and Marjana have cool Ray’s after circle. Richard has nothing. Give him a cool hammer similar to Arthur’s Excalibur or something.

i’d like to see every hero that has magic circle get something new instead. it’s fine if one has it but if 8 heroes share same circle just in different colors it looks kind of lazy.

basically it means that f2p players only see magic circle from almost any tc20 5 star worth having.

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Change TC20 Special Skill animations

It is boring to see identical circle and sound on special skill animation on every TC20 5*. If this can be changed, it will be a big visual improvement, I think.

:rofl: yeah, it does get tiring but I doubt anything will be done about it.

If you look closely, even Telluria and JF have a slightly teensy similar visual (not sound) effect with the classic 5*s…

Sir Roostley (Easter) and Zimkitha (HOTM) also have similar sound and part visual

I do not see than Telluria, Vela and JF has boring animation.
But when I use Marjana, Sartana and Lepus, it quickly become boring(

Use Grimble for a laugh…


Do not have him) Only Telly, Vela and JF from HOTMs) Will be a pretty good def when maxed)

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