[Update Released], KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to Access the Ninja Tower Event 2.2.2022 (Staff replies in posts #30, #137, #202)

That won’t happen. They have set the pace they are adding new stuff, the team is not just big enough for the pace to test for bugs and balances and all.

So what we lost due to this issue was 10 energy and 1 day to complete the tower.

What we got in compensation was 2 flasks worth 10 energy.

Why not simply extending the duration of the event 24 more hours so in the extra day we could have received the automatic refill (worth 10 energy) and also the 24 hours to play?


If it will be extended, it would overlap with War of 3 Kingdoms. And this probably will cause many more issues.

Overlapping with W3K is not an issue as there blue no portal that, and in the first two days, you need to attend about 1 minutes for that event.

If would overlap with Atlantis too, which is a bigger problem.


Wow, over a 24 hour delay day on an event and we get…2 tower flasks=worthless to majority of players. Greedy Giants really outdid themselves.

There are still players who can’t play NT.
Will they get 2 more flasks tomorrow or not? If not then this will be just unfair.


Any business owner knows if you make a mistake with a customer you need to make it MORE than right as your reputation is on the line. This is especially true if your customers are electing to use your service with their free time and money and have many other options. Two tower flasks means that your player’s time is worth ZERO. The backlash will be much worse than just doing the right thing in the first place.

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Anyone else get this error message when they start impossible floors? Makes no sense to me…

There’s another bug in NT. can’t use hero costume after classic version is cursed 2/2. It’s back to that old limitation, that was removed for the last NT, now reinstated with V45.0.3.

There is no clear proof that there is a minimum TP requirement per floor; nothing posted here. And staff hasn’t said anything.

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Ah…makes sense. Thank you!

Tell you what, SG, you get rid of the stupid buff animation for the first 10 turns and we’ll call it even, OK?

Yes… What gives? I’m only on 13th floor.

The post above seems to give the answer. No cKasshrek allowed if normal Kasshrek has been cursed.

I can use the costume version of my heroes after the classic version has been cursed.

If classic has been cursed 2/2, costume cannot be used.

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Yes, this is already reported here:

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Thank you. I misunderstood the post above. Sort of a bummer to see the post below that says isn’t an issue for them. So some of us are at a huge disadvantage because of the platform we play on. And I’m sorry (different but similar subject) but giving 2 flasks for losing the whole first day of event is garbage. The event is about time commitment. Those flasks didnt give me my time back to complete the event. And it’s already pay to play event. At least give us an extra flask or 2. Booooo SG.



This would be true if you could transfer your account, or cash out, but you are leasing your Empires account like a fully furnished, all utilities paid, apartment

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Towers are aimed at Elder Players with many months, or thousands of USD invested

So a new landlord would demand a deposit and 2 months lease

Two flasks

Two flasks is like your current landlord offering you a month of free cable because the bathroom above you flooded


Live service games currently have little customer protection and are unlikely to ever get any customer protection


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Welp, the ‘compensation’ is essentially a spit in the face. Because of this and absolutely abysmal pulls in NT (from 63 pulls not a single ninja - not even 4* - and single 5* in form of useless Justice) this will be first time I am not completing this and hell, I am not even using free flags as I am rather disgusted with this game.

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