[Update Released], KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to Access the Ninja Tower Event 2.2.2022 (Staff replies in posts #30, #137, #202)

Exactly! Let’s all skip this event. They messed up big time


I decided to complete only the normal level, even though previously I planned to try to finish the impossible as well. Also looks like there are some more bugs/changes that push you to use legendary heroes from 20th floor as 4* are not allowed.

It’s not that 4* aren’t allowed from floor 20+ - they are. However it seems that you have to present a certain total Team Power to be allowed to even enter. Was mentioned (unconfirmed) in the other topic that it had to be 4300+. What we know for sure that if you try to enter with less than 4000 TP you won’t be allowed. The fact that we have no official statement from SG regarding this important change is extremely bad though.


They might as well just cancel this entire event at this point, it’s probably the worse bugged event in E&P history. They rush it out, solve one problem just to have another serious one right after

now it works after the update. nevertheless, I find 2 tower energy bottles ridiculous for not being able to play the tower one day. And since you have to buy bottles for the last levels of the tower in order to be able to complete the tower, I find it cheeky to advance money for playing! then all the rewards in the game have been reduced for a long time, there is really hardly any fun left in the games. Playmaker, see that you can enjoy the game again instead of scaring it away more and more. the old loyal players slowly but surely stop spending money and play the game regularly or even delete the game completely. you unfortunately ruined the game with more money to be able to play and really took away the fun from the other players. those who invest a lot of money can have success and have fun in this game and those who invest less money can give up right away before they are disappointed by the game and only become exploited. I no longer play the tower as long as the last levels of the tower require energy bottles that you have to buy separately! End of the flagpole!

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DISCLAIMER: this is a long rant thread, so feel free to skip.

As far as I know, this is the first (7.19 AM GMT+1) statement that claims the fix is working (checked my line groups, all others are some minutes later). I updated the app around 7.35 AM GMT+1, and was able to enter and play the first 7 stages of NT, didn’t managed to do last 3 because of war attacks and time. However, a few alliance mates with different timezones managed to play all the flags, while others didn’t. Now, everyone is getting 2 free flasks, meaning that I’ve an advantage over the ones that couldn’t play all the flags in that 30 min timespan (somewhere in the world the fix was released at 4.00 AM).
Not to mention that the event is meant to be completed in 5 days (but worth 7.5 “energy days”), and now we should complete it in 4 days across the weekend, with the impossible stages lasting more than 10 min each.
More than this, there’s a known issue when costumes of cursed heroes are not allowed.

I’m a developer too, I know bugs can happen and how painful the fixing process can be (virtual hugs to the devs working all night to fix), but from a customer perspective this is NOT the way to handle major issues like this one. I’m absolutely DISGUSTED by the 2 tower flask to compensate. You could have thrown 50 tower coins, that’s half a Dawa, that would not break the “game economy”

Given all this points, why should I be encouraged to “support” financially the game?
Kindly ask for an answer @Petri or at least some explanations


Ja też nie. Aktualizacja mi nie wchodzi nawet. Nadal event jest niedostępny.

I’ll just say, another game that I’m playing that you could name ‘a clone of E&P’ gave everyone 400 gems + some free stuff because they found out that one of the heroes description was unclear and could make players misinterpret the hero skill. I can only imagine what would they do if something as major as this here happened!

Here SG, recently every event had hiccups and something bugged/wrong with them, had to be cancelled or delayed. Yet, SG acts like they take its players for granted. In the past I was against these compensations requests for every minor bug as I think they were very often silly. But now bugs are everywhere every month. With people paying like 2000 USD monthly for this ‘experience’. And SG’s response after a major mess is a bare minimum compensation (energy refills). Maybe if the compensation was 500 gems + free summons + whatever free loot, you guys at SG would be more motivated to avoid these issues in the first place and better manage your resources. Another beta we have over a dozen new premium heroes to test out, yet critical errors like that happen every release. Perhaps move those jobs that design new heroes 24/7 to the team that manages game stability. Really. It would be sad to see this game fail, but you treat players so bad - and I am not a person that would say something like that for no reason.


What’s the name of this game? :yum:
I will save the flasks for the next tower event. Not enough time in 4 days.

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call me optimist, but I sincerely believe this wasn’t all and what we have seen so far in communication and ingame were the first measures only. :slight_smile:

I will not deny tho that other games are more generous than SG. That’s very true.


How is the progress of roll-out going? I have no update available still, any idea when I can expect it?

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Sadly, everyone cannot update the game :frowning:
I am in similar boat, where due to certain circumstances, I can’t upgrade my game either :frowning:
So much for calling it done, with compensation of two flasks…

I also had no update available for my alt accounts’ mobile, until it suddenly became available 2 hours ago.

It’s apparently a gradual process that is not country-dependant.

My guess is that everyone will be able to update in the next 6-12 hours tops.

I didn’t get an extra notification, but in the app store the button actualise was there. So I updated the game without notification

to all who can’t update yet:
Go in your phone settings → apps → reset the cache of EMP; play store / IOS equivalent of play store

Then restart phone and check again

This helped some alliance mates


No update available here. Have to go to work so today is done. Skipping this one

Ssshhh I think I know which game that is. Cannot be named. Competitor game. Against forum rules.

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Yup, of course I will not provide the name, that’s not the point. I won’t say it’s a better game either; frankly I don’t think they have chance to build a community such as this one here.

But it’s all about how they treat their player base. Probably because they are relatively a small game and they need to build their competetive advantage somehow - but would that mean that E&P is too big to care about its players? You’d expect it’s the biggest game that can afford being the most generous, with their cashflows already established… One day if E&P fails and someone else takes over it’s not because the new heroes weren’t OP enough or there weren’t enough of them - it will be because the team in charge of the game turned its back on the players and took them for granted…


THANK YOU! this worked for me