Update/refresh troops in war defense

if i level up a troop (for example from 14 to 16) then it stays still as 14 in my war defense during “preparation phase”. I MUST change my troop to another troop and save it and then change it back to new strongest troop and save it again. Leveling up a troop, doesn’t apply automatically to war defense!!!
I MUST change it to another troop and then change it back to new leveled up troop !!


Can confirm this, it’s frustrating, at least when you forget that.

as programmer, don’t copy or call by value. call by reference. a pointer to that troop and a updater in war defense team as in normal 5 teams.

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as programmer, too: strange enough to have 2 different mechanics, that increases maintainability soooooo much *irony off

answer from support:
“There are currently no known issues or bugs in the game related to this problem.”

:joy: hahaha. if i dont see the others, the others can not see me neither.

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