Update/Refresh Raid Leaderboard Without Restarting Game


It seems that the leaderboard won’t refresh unless I restart the game.
Pretty annoying when you have to do it after every fight, in order to check your progress…
Considering that you usually hold top spots for very brief moments only, it would be fair not to have to wait so long to see your name up there…
This suggestion could be regarded as bug or as improvement, I’ll let the mods put it where they see fit.
In all cases, it is very important for the user experience of those fighting for top spots (who happen to also be presumably SG top customers)

I know the fear and trepidation of having to close and open at lightning speed!!

I reckon it’s an idea, rather than a bug.


Linking some past related threads to start:

Looks like this has come up in discussion several times, and suggested fixes have been discussed, but not added to #ideas-feature-requests.

Thanks @JonahTheBard for moving it, and I’ve renamed the thread to help with future searches.


Hi guys

Thanks for quick reply and all the great job you’re doing on this forum.

Looks like I’m not the first one to report the issue, which I guess increases the chances of having SG look into it…

A concrete proposal would have to have a “refresh” button, like on an web browser


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Makes sense to me, and that’s been an idea mentioned recently:


Superb grasp of Discourse, as ever Zephy


Strange…I just go back to raid main page and click “leaderboard” again…then it is refreshed.

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