Update Problem TP was decrease

Whats the problem with the most recent update? My Team power is already 3850, after the update it goes down to 3799 WTF!!!

Read Release Notes: Hero Powers Adjusted in Version 15.1

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What’s the problem with it? It is just a number that has nothing to say in this game. Your heroes are still as powerful as before (because attack, defense and health stats didn’t change), they just have a different power number. Nothing in this game is based on hero power so the change won’t affect you in any way other than your ego might be hurt because your team seems “weaker” :wink:


I think it should go back to the way it was. If there is no correlation and its just a number, then why did you change it in the first place. Put it back the way it was and leave it be.


You can read the whole reasoning behind it here: Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers

Because now, hopefully, that number has a better relation with the acutal power/usefulness of heroes and maybe in the future it will be used in a meaningful way.

You have no problem with it if you are buying gems to improve your TP but for most of us who only use our own will power in playing and improving our stats it a BIG Let Down and dissapointment

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but team power DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING. Your heroes levels and specials matter, your troops, your heroes powers (what kind of special skill they have). Team Power could be removed completely and it wouldn’t matter at all.

Sorry, I don’t see any relation with gems or purchasing.

The heroes power is supposed to give you an indication on how good (on average) that hero is.

We all know that today this is pretty useless and they changed the way this number is calculated.

That’s all.

A bit of XKCD wisedom on scales and units of measure:

Have you read why this has been done?
If so, I do not understand your rant at all…

For everybody in the game the same rules apply.
There is no reward for having a team with > 4000 teampower.
It is just a number… And there have been made some changes how to calculate TP.
Changes will happen all the time and I do not understand why you are so upset… Hero had TP of 450 and now is 430, what is the big deal?


@Draven, I try to explain it again to you. The actual power of your Team is the same as before update. You will still beat same opponents as you did before. Just the number changed. You will not feel any change when fighting with your heroes…devs hope to to manage a better matchmaking in AW by adjusting those numbers.

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@draven so don’t be sad n angry anymore its just the number change but your real power heroes is same before you upgrade

This is not a bug but change made in the new update (version 15.1.) More information:

I’m closing this topic - feedback and discussion regarding this change should go under this topic: