Update please

Continuing the discussion from :robot: Greetings!: i have yet to get the recent up date that just came out

When will season 3 be here i have completed everything except the POV and i am really looking for more action in season 3


Best case is to use the :mag: symbol at the top and search first.

If you had you would have found this thread which has all the necessary information regarding S3 and V27 update.


But this doesn’t tell me why i haven’t received the update, maybe there is a problem, or something else maybe idk

Season 3 hasn’t launched yet.

If you go under Options > About, what Version is listed on the top right?


Update is being rolled out graduallym

Started with some android devices and will work their way on from there.

Ok thanks guys you have been very helpful, and it’s much appreciated


You’re welcome!

Sounds like this is resolved, so I’ll close this thread.

If you have questions about Season 3, we can continue discussion in 📯 Season 3 Valhalla FAQ & Links


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