Update of metal mining doesn't get money

If I have full of money, update of metal mine doesn’t get money for update

First is started update from 18 to 19(hour or 2 after)
Second from 19 to 20 (I hope less then hour)
If watch on total metal metter - its full(as before update). In second mines still fullfilled - not enough metal and time to fullfill again…

P.S. sorry if I wrote not clear …

You update metal mine with food, so metal meter is still fullfilled, even with less then hour or 2 after.

Yes, it very logic, but … Cost of update much more then warehouse within mine. -cost+warehouse must be negative, but it is 0 …

I’m really sorry ssT1, but warehouse within mine is 0. It very not logic but it is this game.
Only normal metal warehouse has metal in it.

Well, the metal storage of a mine is just increasing the total storage by a minimum. I think that’s just too less to be identified in the total storage overview.

Ill200sr, would you please be able to define ‘minimum’?


Sorry, but where the ‘minimum’ is on the screenshot?
Is it really there? Because I can’t see! :upside_down_face:
Or wait! Maybe it isn’t there! Just 0.None.Nada! MUHAHAHAHA! :crazy_face:

You should train your german skills.
Its saying storage capacity +3675

Hi. The capacity of mine does not improve your overall iron capacity. If your max iron is 2190kk and you upgrade your mine, it will still be 2190kk total iron you can have.

The capacity increase is only for the iron you can store in the mine itself, before collecting it. So with the new level your mine will store more iron before it goes full and stops production (shown as yellow highlight). It does not impact any other storage capacity.


Please don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. Just asking, because +3675 is like 4k which would rather be identified in the total storage overview. Don’t you think?

Read the comment above. The storage capacity of farm/mine doesn’t increase your total storage capacity. It only indicates how much of this resource can be stored in farm/mine without collecting, before it stops production.

So if you level up your mine and get storage capacity increase +4k, it only means your mine will be able to store 4k more of produced iron before it’s full and stops producing iron.

The building description contains this information:

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Sorry, people, but my message was - I spent nothing to update mine …

… and sorry again… I see solution, I need spend meal to update mine((( my fault

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