Update not working as intended

Just completed Morlovia advanced 18, and I wish I could do the level over again to snag screen shots. I will try on 19 and hope it is the same boss layout (1 boss center back, 2 enemies in front, 2 on sides of boss). My standard team for the advanced event. Boss (Valeria) was targeted, Buddy cast his special, it hit Valeria and the two enemies in front. Glenda cast hers, it hit the same targets. After the front 2 enemies were dead, Buddy recast his special and it hit Valeria and the 2 enemies on the sides. Glenda recast hers and it didn’t touch either of the side enemies. I know it is related to the latest update with changing how “adjacent” is handled. But inconsistencies between specials on adjacent, and then on a map board, shouldn’t be occuring.

Well just tried 19 advanced and same layout but with Vanda as the boss. However, it didn’t do the bug again. The front 2 enemies were targeted by Buddy and Glenda, and unlike 18 advanced, once they were dead, the side enemies were not hit at all by both Buddy and Glenda. Ok, so at least I know it is consistent for that now, and probably just a sizing issue with Valeria specifically.

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