Update Merlin/Zocc/Alfrike cards to reflect Special Skill being replaced

Another day of Atlantis farming, another (potential) bug.

When Lord Loki hits an enemy that has Mindless Attack cast on them, he ends up getting hit with it, instead of casting the actual special skill on the enemy.

I’m guessing the coding temporarily assigns the Mindless Attack to the special skill slot, which is why it gets copied, but Alfrike’s card doesn’t say it “replaces” the special skill, so this seems to be a coding bug.

Not a bug, and already covered here: Lord loki special skill is blocked when hero is blocked

Hmm I tried searching but apparently didn’t do a great job.

Nowhere on the Alfrike card does it say that the special skill is replaced by a Mindless attack. It simply says that one will be cast when the mana is full.

However, I did replicate my test and checked this:

So it appears that it is indeed replacing the special skill, which means the actual “issue” is with the Alfrike/Merlin cards. I’ll update the the title.

Edited further the title to include Zocc, since he is one that has a similar skill, too.

IMHO, I don’t think there is a need to update the cards. Nothing is vague on any of those heroes skills. It’s simple, really. Those afflicted with the skills of Merlin, Zocc or Alfrike automatically cast Mindless Attack when their mana is full whereby an ally of the afflicted hero is damaged due to it, unless only the afflicted character is the only hero left, then the MA damages the target himself or herself. It is akin to other mana controllers such as Hansel or Gretel or Pixiie but instead of damaging allies, it only damages the target of any of the three aforementioned Grimforest heroes and leave the mana at 50% (while Merlin/Zocc/Alfrike target lost all mana since they automatically cast Mindless Attack).

I am not a native English speaker yet I’ve reread their skills several times and I find no fault in it. It is as clear as day. But that’s just my opinion.

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