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Hey there,

Actually i want to start the game, but there is always a notice, that the game should be updatet. So when i go to my google play store, no update is shown. Finally i aren’t able to Log in.

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Have you tried refreshing the list of apps with an update available? Not sure how it’s done in the Play store, but I have to do that regularly in the Apple store.


Of course and i also deleted the caches of play store and E&P

Do you play on multiple devices? This is sometimes reported by people who use multiple devices.

This could be. But it is disgusting, that the update on one device is installed and on the other it isn’t…

So this means, that i have to wait until there is also an update for my mobile phone?

Yes. Because Google rolls updates out in phases. SG has no control over who Google offers the update to at what time, on which device, as I understand things.

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